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Paint schemes go political as NASCAR season heats up
Many a fan is quick to insist they do not like politics in their sports - no kneeling, no raised fists, no T-shirt messages. Just the game or event, please and thank you.

George Floyd mural in downtown Spokane defaced with white paint
A mural painted in downtown Spokane as a show of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement has been defaced with white paint.

Plan to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural on 5th Avenue temporarily delayed
New York City has placed a temporary hold on its plans to paint a large Black Lives Matter mural on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower.

Gubernatorial candidate seeking to paint 'Liberty and Justice for All' in Montpelier
A Vermont gubernatorial candidate is looking to paint "Liberty and Justice for All" on State Street in Montpelier, next to the "Black Lives Matter" mural. John Klar, who is running for governor, ...

The Best Paint Sets for Kids Will Inspire Boundless Creativity
Some sets include preprinted canvases with engaging themes, inspiring inexperienced artists to jump right in and paint. High-quality brushes are essential to learning the fine motor skills needed ...

The Best Watercolor Paint Tubes for Kids Will Yield Hours of Fun
Do you desire all of the effects of watercolor but more consistency in paint performance and the vibrancy of pure color? Watercolor paints in tubes provide saturated color with reliable results.

How to Paint Your Own Canvas for Needlepoint
Along with knowing how to pick and mix the right paint colors for your canvas, Perry says you have the added task of applying them smoothly to worry about. "Don't size your canvas up against ...

Wet Paint: Marlborough Gallery to Permanently Close Amid Coup Against Ailing Patriarch, When Woody Met Roman, & More Juicy Art-World Gossip
The decision was made during board meetings in June, Max Levai confirmed to Wet Paint in a statement Thursday. The dramatic coup played out swiftly while the 83-year-old Pierre Levai was in ...

How to Clean Your Paint Brushes
"Washing your brushes is important to keep the bristles soft and to clear out color pigment from the paint," explains artist Carly Wilhelm. "Frequent cleaning and conditioning will make brushes ...

Tesla faces class action lawsuit over Model 3 paint issues in cold weather
Tesla is facing a new class-action lawsuit over paint issues on Model 3 vehicles in cold weather with owners seeking financial compensation. In places with tough winters where they use salt and ...

Paint schemes go political as NASCAR season heats up | Raleigh News & Observer
In NASCAR, the colorful paint schemes on the stock cars themselves have taken a decidedly political turn in recent weeks — and will again this weekend. Corey LaJoie's car will carry a scheme touting ...

NYC temporarily halts plan to paint Black Lives Matter mural on 5th Avenue
New York City has placed a temporary hold on its plans to paint a large Black Lives Matter mural on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower.