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News for Panama Gold Coins

Mexican Police Arrest American Carrying Gold Coins
MEXICO CITY – A 58-year-old American was arrested at the Mexico City airport as he awaited a flight to Panama when federal agents found 150 gold coins in his baggage, the Mexican Public Safety ...

Sunken treasure: Rare coins recovered from 1857 Gold Rush shipwreck
Nine rare silver quarters recovered from the wreck of a steamship that sank carrying treasure from the California Gold Rush are set for auction. The quarters, minted in San Francisco in 1856, have ...

“Ship of Gold” 156 years later renders its first five bars valued at 1.2 million dollars
For 156 years the so-called “Ship of Gold”, along with thousands of coins, bars and nuggets of ... At its time on the seas it made 43 trips between Panama and New York.

Which Panama is right for you?
1. Panama uses the U.S. dollar as its paper currency, known locally as either dolares or balboas. Panamanian coins are nearly identical to and are used interchangeably with U.S. ones. However ...

Carson City celebrates Mint’s 150th anniversary
It produced nearly $50 million in face value of gold ... a coin press operator playing an historical interpreter Tuesday, said Coin Press No. 1 made an arduous journey from Philadelphia to Carson City ...

Full list of the gifts given to The Queen, including a pig painting and a bottle of gin
A pop-up book, a painting of a swimming pig and a bottle of gin were among the official gifts given to the Queen last year. Records released by Buckingham Palace showed the monarc ...

Deep sea treasure hunter Odyssey Marine falls under further financial pressure
It's more like a corporate cat with nine lives, reanimating itself with new stock offerings and loans backed by its inventory of previously salvaged silver and gold coins. The company's history is ...

Episode 80 - Pieces of eight
From Potosí, the coins were loaded on to llamas, for the two-month trek over the Andes to Lima and the Pacific coast. There, Spanish treasure fleets took the silver from Peru up to Panama ...

Following in the Footsteps of Balboa
He’s told that not far off are huge amounts of gold and pearls and ... is revered in Panama. Statues of the explorer abound in city parks, coins bear his likeness, the currency and the nation ...