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News for Panhead Cases

Wellington businesses nervous about Covid-19 spread from Auckland
That's a view shared by Matt McLaughlin Panhead Tory Street bar owner and Wellington Hospitality NZ branch president. Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield confirmed if new cases were ...

1947 Harley-Davidson WL | One Piece At A Time
Problem one, the left case was cracked beyond repair ... "and I still remember going Superman over a VW in 1967 because my old '55 Panhead had no front brake. To this day I can still remember that ...

These 3D Printed Supports Can Take Hard Use, Thanks To Resin Filling
In this case, the supports are a frame for some arcade-style buttons, which must stand up to a lot of forceful mashing. Casting the part entirely out of a tough resin would require a mold ...

Tripping Haze Ceremony – ‘Tripping Haze Ceremony’ review: competent stoner metal debut that shows promise
As can often be the case with albums that combine old and new material, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The first half, dominated by re-recorded demo tracks ‘Panhead Dreams’ and ‘Night of the ...

LA Speed Shop builds a Harley-Davidson FL Panhead chopper bagger
“A customer brought me a complete 1959 Harley-Davidson Panhead, and I went from there,” Chris says. “I started with the rebuild on the motor, and I rebuilt the original 1959 trans myself. I had to ...

Restaurants and bars grappling with Level 2 restrictions call for hospitality rescue package
Despite the challenges, Panhead is taking out tables and making space to welcome back regulars. Panhead bar owner Matt McLaughlin expects the move will be "a real struggle". “I'm going to open ...

About Velbon DF-50 Deluxe Tripod w/ Fluid Panhead and QR Shoe
To the extent you can judge a tripod in a couple of months, I am very pleased with this one -- espcially for the price. I use mine primarily for indoor aquarium photography, sometimes with a fairly ...

Slik Pro Ball 800 Head with Quick Release
(The F1228 comes with a very nice case, but alas, not large enough to hold the Slik head ... all i needed to do was loosen the panhead and it would slip off, then the ballhead slips right on. simple.

harley street 500 seat height
Across America, in the case of Harley and Indian ... Inspired by the post WWII Panhead, the new Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic is a dark and sinister motorcycle with loads of black features.

fastest dirtbike in the world
Inspired by the post WWII Panhead, the new Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic is a dark and sinister motorcycle with loads of black features. Does this even make sense?! Kawasaki's H2 SX SE is a ...

Cool Car Fridays return to Heavenly Village
This year the prize is a 1953 Ford F-100 and a 1953 Harley Panhead. The money generated through the raffle tickets pays for the Safe Rides program, which offers intoxicated drivers a ride home.