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News for Passenger

Husband of Bicyclist Killed By Minivan Passenger Who Leaned Out to Push Her Over Speaks Out
The family of a Las Vegas bicyclist who was killed after a minivan passenger reached out and pushed her over is speaking out. On Sunday morning, the passenger in a passing vehicle reached out and ...

Allegiant passenger removed over flight attendant's mask demands apology from airline
John Peterman states he was denied a request to speak with the plane’s captain to lodge his complaint that a flight attendant was not wearing a mask.

Passenger slaps bicyclist from moving minivan, both die: ‘Open murder’ charges filed
A Las Vegas man has been arrested, accused of being the minivan driver whose passenger fell out a window while leaning to slap a bicyclist, police said. Both the passenger and the bicyclist died, and ...

Sky Harbor passenger counts continue climb in September — though down 54% from last year
Travel continues to pick up at #Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with passenger counts up again in September.

Cyclist Dies After Being Deliberately Hit By a Passenger in a Car
Two people have died after a passenger leaned out the window of a moving car and struck a cyclist. Neither of their identities have been released yet. The driver of the vehicle, identified as ...

Cyclist, Minivan Passenger Killed In ‘Senseless” Collision
A cyclist was killed by a passenger leaning out of a minivan who later fell out of the vehicle’s window and died, Las Vegas Police said. The vehicle’s driver, Rodrigo Cruz was arrested on suspicion of ...

Man whose passenger fell out of minivan to appear in court today
The man who was driving a minivan when his passenger fell out will appear in court today. 22 year old Rodrigo Cruz was driving the van near Hollywood and Sahara Sunday, when police say his passenger ...

Passenger killed in North Highlands crash following brief police pursuit
A passenger was killed and a driver seriously injured when a car involved in a pursuit through North Highlands struck two vehicles in an intersection early Wednesday morning, authorities said. The ...

Peterborough crash: Drug driver 'got bags left passenger dying'
A drug driver "danced" behind the wheel in the run up to killing her passenger before grabbing her bags and fleeing as he was dying, a court heard. Kathryn Watkins, 35, of no fixed abode, was on the ...

Automotive Event Data Recorder Market to See Maximum Growth in the Passenger Cars Segment Through 2024 | Technavio
The automotive event data recorder market is expected to grow by USD 1.55 billion during 2020-2024, according to Technavio. The report offers a detailed analysis of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on ...

London Heathrow loses its crown to Paris as passenger numbers plummet
London Heathrow has lost the title of Europe's busiest airport to Charles de Gaulle in Paris and is downgrading its forecasts for passenger numbers this year and next as the outlook for aviation ...

Phoenix Ride-Share Driver Accused of Assaulting Passenger
Police say a Phoenix man who drives for a ride-sharing company has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a female passenger he picked up from a Scottsdale house party.