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News for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman looms tall — in person and in politics
John Fetterman, the 6'8" lieutenant-governor of Pennsylvania, is a blunt-talking, self-described progressive intent on breaking through with swing voters, many of whom backed Donald Trump. Contributor ...

Democratic Pa. state senator slams Pennsylvania over vaccine rollout
A Democratic state lawmaker criticized Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout as muddled on Friday — saying other states are doing a much better job at distribution and communication — while unions ...

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Played Key Role in Trump’s Plot to Oust Acting Attorney General
The congressman’s involvement underlined how far the former president was willing to go to overturn the election, and Democratic lawmakers have begun calling for investigations into those efforts.

Pennsylvania father charged in accidental shooting death of his 9-year-old daughter
Blake Davis faces multiple charges in the death of his daughter. Philadelphia police said she was fatally shot with his firearm by her 5-year-old cousin.

Pennsylvania Will Reflect Voter Mood During Biden Presidency
In his inaugural address, President Biden focused on a message of unity as the nation confronts overwhelming challenges, including the COVID-19 ...

Shots Fired at Democrat HQ in Pennsylvania, Police Investigate
Police and the FBI are investigating after shots were allegedly fired at an office belonging to the Democratic Party near Philadelphia. Footage from WPVI-TV of the building, in Norristown, ...

Pennsylvania’s casinos were closed a third of the year in 2020 and revenue was down more than 20 percent
Pennsylvania’s casinos saw a large decrease in revenue last year. Casino closures contributed to the decrease last year. Casino closure days totaled 1,473 days last year, or 33 percent of the number ...

A Republican congressman from Pennsylvania was instrumental in Trump's plan to shake up the Justice Department and overturn the election
Trump only backed down from his plan to fire acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen after top leaders at the department threatened to resign.

Smokers prioritized for COVID-19 vaccine in Pennsylvania: officials
Pennsylvania health officials this week moved to prioritize smokers for the COVID-19 vaccine. The Pennsylvania Department of Health's phase 1a vaccine distribution plan — the state’s current phase — ...

Democratic lawmaker slams Pennsylvania over vaccine rollout | Raleigh News & Observer
A Democratic state lawmaker is criticizing Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout as muddled, saying other states are doing a much better job at distribution and communication.

Pennsylvania Will Reflect Voter Mood During Next 4 Years
Pennsylvania Will Reflect Voter Mood During Next 4 Years | ...

Unemployment rate stable in Pennsylvania, as payrolls shrink | Raleigh News & Observer
Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate remained stable and on par with the national rate in December, although the labor force and payrolls shrank.