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News for Pokemon

Switch Pokemon Home Update Fixes Isle Of Armor Pokedex Bug
Pokemon Home's version 1.1.1 patch resolves an issue that prevented transferred Pokemon from being registered in the Isle of Armor Pokedex.

Shiny Zeraora: Last Chance To Claim The Free Mythical Pokemon
All Sword and Shield players will be able to get a free Shiny Zeraora via Pokemon Home until July 6; here's how to claim it.

‘Pokémon GO’ Skill Challenge Timed Research: All Quest Steps, Rewards, And Elite Challenge
Here are the full quest steps and rewards for Pokémon GO's first set of GO Fest weekly challenges: the skill challenge.

Watch: Pokemon: Twilight Wings Releases Episode 6
Each episode of Twilight Wings has been such a huge hit with fans because it's explored fan favorite characters from Pokemon Sword and Shield 's new Galar region, and that's not something that has yet ...

‘Pokemon Go’: Gastly Community Day added to packed July schedule
Gastly, the Gas Pokemon, will be appearing more often from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. July 19, and when it is evolved into Gengar, it will know the exclusive move Shadow Punch.

Sailor Moon: 5 Pokémon Sailor Jupiter Could Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To)
Though the world of Sailor Moon & Pokémon never had a real life cross over that does not mean that we aren't allowed to dream of what could have been.

Shiny Pokemon GO watch list today: Party Hats, Balloons, Flying types
Starting today in Pokemon GO, here on July 3, 2020, there’s a brand new list of Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Spawning during this event in the wild, in Pokemon Raids, and in Pokemon Eggs, ...

'Pokémon Go' July Research Tasks: Each Mission and Reward Pokémon
Gone is Trapinch from the Research Breakthrough, and gone are the older Pokémon that were rewards for completing certain tasks. In July, trainers can stock up on a variety of Rock-type Pokémon, ...

Extremely Rare Grade 9 Mint Kangaskhan Pokémon Card Up For Auction
In the olden days of the Pokémon trading card game, there was a card even rarer than Charizard: a Kangaskhan from a small event in Japan.

This pokémon engagement ring has gone terribly wrong
The Pokémon Company and Japanese jewelry company Ginza Tanaka are selling Pikachu-inspired rings for couples looking to make their marriage themed. Ah, love. Love and pokémon. Two concepts that are ...

The Creators of Pokémon Go Are Now Working on a Settlers of Catan AR Game
In a blog post on its website yesterday, Niantic, the company behind the somehow-still-popular Pokémon Go augmented reality smartphone game, revealed it was working on at least 10 new AR games ...

'Pokémon Go' Fest Weekly Challenge Event: Shiny Pidove, Ducklett and More
Starting this Friday, the first week in the Pokémon Go Fest Weekly Challenge event will bring new Pokémon, new shinies and much, much more. There is a lot to do in the five-day window of the event, ...