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News for Police

Charles Moose, Montgomery County police chief during 2002 D.C. sniper attacks, dies at 68
Charles Moose faced his sternest test as a police chief beginning Oct. 2, 2002, when several people were fatally shot within a day in suburban Maryland and the District.

500 Vigilantes Gather in Mexico Town, Pledge to Aid Police
Extortion of avocado growers in western Mexico has gotten so bad that 500 vigilantes from a so-called “self-defense” group known as United Towns, or Pueblos Unidos, have gathered and pledged to aid ...

Spanish police protest government plan to reform 'gag law'
Tens of thousands of Spanish police officers and their supporters march Critics of the Citizens Security Law passed by the previous conservative government in 2015 have for years said that it gave too ...

Deadly shooting prompts closure on Hwy 249 SB, police say
One person was shot to death on Highway 249 at West Greens, according to police. Police are still investigating the scene.

3 killed, 4 injured in shooting at Nashville apartment, police say
Three people were killed, including two teenagers, and four injured in a shooting at an apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, Friday night, that was possibly motived by a robbery, police said. Six of ...

Nashville police: 3 dead, 4 wounded in apartment shooting
A shooting in a Tennessee apartment left three people dead, including a suspect, police said Saturday. Four other people were wounded.

Pa. driver struck 3 pedestrians, seriously injuring one: Police
Allentown police are looking for the driver of a car that struck three pedestrians, seriously injuring one. Police said the driver struck the pedestrians at 10:37 a.m. Friday at North Dauphin Street ...

Wisconsin police officer resigns for 'sexual activity' with woman in squad car
A Wisconsin police officer resigned after a recording surfaced that showed him engaging in sexual activity with a woman in his department vehicle.

Police: Man shot at NC mall remains in critical condition
Police in North Carolina say that a man remains in critical condition following Friday’s shooting at a shopping mall that was packed with shoppers on the day after ...

Guilt ridden culprit repays homeowner for damage done: Russell Township police blotter
Finding an envelope with the word “sorry” written on it and $200 inside, a woman took it to the police station Nov. 6. She believes it was left by the person who damaged her mailbox two weeks prior.

Police: Driver stole lumber, led high-speed chase | Charlotte Observer
Authorities in North Carolina say a driver stole a trailer loaded with lumber from a construction site and led law enforcement officers on a high-speed pursuit on Thanksgiving Day.

A 5-year-old child was fatally shot by teenager making a video for social media, Minnesota police say
A 5-year-old in Brooklyn, Park, Minnesota, was shot and killed on Thanksgiving by a 13-year-old who accidentally fired a gun while a group of kids were making a video for social media, according to ...