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News for Premier

Ernie Els 'loves' idea of new Premier Golf League, recognizes difficulty
Ernie Els considered a Greg Norman-initiated proposal similar to the Premier Golf League some 20 years ago and said he loves the idea of this one.

Premier Lacrosse League announces 2020 summer return to Baltimore’s Homewood Field
Paul Rabil did not anticipate the emotional impact of bringing the Premier Lacrosse League to Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood Field in Baltimore last summer. Rabil, a former superstar midfielder ...

Monahan to players regarding Premier Golf League: Us or them
PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan told players in a detailed letter that if another tour came to fruition, players would have a big choice to make.

Premier League January Transfer Window 2020: When it closes, notable players, more
The Premier League January Transfer Window closes in just a few days, and clubs are still facing half a season with glaring needs all over the pitch. So far just $49 million has been spent by Premier ...

Upstart Tour Premier Golf League Faces Long Odds In Chipping Away At PGA Tour Hegemony
In the past few days there has been plenty of buzz brewing about World Golf Group, a British Based outfit, launching a proposed PGA Tour rival dubbed Premier Golf League (PGL). If the governing body’s ...

Eriksen, Young, Moses, Lukaku, Alexis: Inter coach Conte building a Premier League team in Serie A
Since arriving at San Siro last summer, the Nerazzurri coach has already signed five players from English clubs with more possibly on the way ...

Despite some support, PGA Tour commissioner draws clear line on proposed Premier Golf League
While some in the golf world enjoy the idea of the new Premier Golf League, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan is not one of them. Monahan made it clear in a letter sent to golfers on Monday where the ...

CommonSpirit Health Chooses Premier Inc. to Clinically Integrate its Newly Merged Supply Chain
CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CommonSpirit Health will be partnering with Premier Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC), a leading healthcare improvement company, to achieve operational excellence as it undergoes ...

Premier League clubs hold fire in January arms race
London (AFP) - Premier League clubs have until Friday to boost their squads but there has so far been little desire for a spending spree from the richest league in the world. The slump in January ...

CommonSpirit tasks Premier with supply chain integration
CommonSpirit Health consolidated its group purchasing organization service provider, selecting Premier to help integrate the 137-hospital system's supply chain, the organizations announced Tuesday.

FIFA 20: The best Premier League XI under two million coins
We all know the Premier League boasts some of the best talent in the world – so here's the best FIFA 20 XI you can put together from the top flight at minimal cost Card prices have taken a massive hit ...

The Premier Golf League is approaching top players about a mysterious new tour
Several players and agents have been approached about participating in a new star-driven global golf tour called the Premier Golf League (PGL), according to multiple reports. Details: The tour would ...