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Elvis Presley overcame his fears shooting Easy Come, Easy Go ‘He was always scared’ WATCH
Aside from being the most successful solo singer of all time, Elvis Presley was also a huge Hollywood movie star. During the 1960s he churned out many musical comedies, some far better than others.

Paul McCartney Said Other Beatles Were ‘Peeing Themselves’ When He Sang This Elvis Presley Song
The Beatles' Paul McCartney decided to never perform this Elvis Presley song again after a performance of it didn't go over well.

Bedlam football: Brennan Presley ties OSU's record for longest kick return & more notable numbers
Chance to play for Big 12 football title is next step for Oklahoma State More:Five takeaways on how OU football's six-year Big 12 title streak came to an end in Bedlam OSU's Brennan Presley breaks out ...

Oklahoma State's Brennan Presley creates Bedlam with 100-yard kickoff return
The score was tied at 14 when the Sooners kicked off and the Cowboys’ Brennan Presley caught the ball at the goal line. He took off and slipped one tackle and was on his way to a kickoff return of 100 ...

Notebook: Presley returns kickoff for 100-yard touchdown
Brennan Presley didn't need much time to respond to Austin Stogner's touchdown catch. Presley, a sophomore receiver on the Oklahoma State football team, jetted into the end zone for a 100-yard kickoff ...

Elvis Presley: Can't Help Falling In Love Voted Best First Dance Song
Elvis Presley has emerged victorious in a new study on the best first dance songs. A classic ballad by "The King" was voted No. 1 and defeated other contenders by Frankie Valli, Frank Sinatra, and ...

ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES: South Laurel senior Rachel Presley perseveres through whatever comes her way
Nothing has been easy for Rachel Presley since transferring to South Laurel in 2019, but she has continually shown up and shined at every opportunity. Presley left Somerset to join the Lady Cardinals ...

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney Cried Listening to This Elvis Presley Song
The Beatles' Paul McCartney said he could remember the lyrics to this Elvis Presley song decades after hearing it as a teenager.

Bill Haisten: At 99 TDs, Braylin Presley nears his Bixby finish line and is ‘totally committed’ to OSU
I know there was (a rumor) that OU offered me, but that’s not the case. I’m shutting that down. I’m a Cowboy and totally committed.”This week's playoff schedule ...

Elvis Presley made a cheeky comment to TV show host over song choice
You can unsubscribe at any time. More info By 1956 Elvis Presley was quickly becoming a phenomenon across the USA. On October 28, 1956, the Mississippi born star appeared on TV for the second time ...

Elvis #Presley's film Blue Hawaii was released 60 years ago this month, on November 22, 1961, and was the 8th highest-grossing movie of that year. Fellow singer #Tom #Jones hails Elvis as one of the g ...

Preview Actor Austin Butler In New Elvis Presley Movie
A new film about Elvis Presley has been in the works for some time. Now, fans can finally have a first look. Director Baz Luhrmann shared a short teaser for the biopic on Twitter with star Austin ...