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Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley: When did MJ marry Elvis Presley’s daughter? | Music | Entertainment – challenge
Taraborelli’s book suggests Michael proposed to Lisa Marie in late 1993, and the couple married in May 1994, just 20 days after Lisa Marie and her previous husband Danny Keough divorced. Following ...

Elvis Presley brutally joked about 'giving John Lennon a hiding' over ‘anti-war beliefs’
ELVIS PRESLEY agreed to a brutal joke about wanting to give John Lennon "a hiding" because of his pacifist beliefs and protests against the Vietnam War.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland Now Offering Guided, Virtual Live Tours
Graceland — the expansive Memphis, Tenn., homestead that once belonged to Elvis Presley — is now offering virtual tours to fans far and wide.

Jimmy Sweeney: Unraveling the mystery of a voice that inspired Elvis Presley
Inside Sun Studio, a young Elvis Presley slammed his hands against a desk in resignation. "I hate him, I hate him," the19-year-old singer said. "Why can't I sing like that guy?" Presley — an ambitious ...

Elvis Presley's Graceland Starting Live Virtual Tours
Elvis Presley’s Graceland is now offering real-time online tours for fans around the world, including those who can’t make it to the tourist attraction during the coronavirus pandemic ...

Elvis Presley’s Fiancée Never Saw Him Eat a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich
Throughout his career, fans were fascinated with Elvis Presley. One of the things the singer was known for was his love of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. The famed sandwiches have become ...

Elvis Presley’s Classmates Considered Him ‘Trashy’ In School
Elvis Presley grew up to become The King, but his origins were humble. So much so that he was mocked for being 'trashy' when he was in school.

Bill Haisten: Is OSU destined to sign Braylin Presley? ‘It’s got to be the right fit,’ he says
While it might be presumed that four-star running back Braylin Presley is headed to Stillwater because his brother is there, he says his process is wide open and ongoing.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland Offers First Ever Virtual Live VIP Tours
For the first time ever, Elvis Presley’s Graceland ® in Memphis will offer fans and music lovers from around the world the opportunity to visit Graceland virtually. The two-hour guided tour will offer ...

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley: When did MJ marry Elvis Presley's daughter?
Michael Jackson married twice; first to Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie. He went on to marry Debbie Rowe, a nurse who gave birth to two of his three children. They also divorced, and by the time ...

Elvis Presley's Graceland starting live virtual tours
Elvis Presley’s Graceland is now offering online tours for fans around the world, including those who can’t make it to the tourist attraction during the coronavirus pandemic ...

Elvis Presley's Graceland to offer live virtual tours
The $100 virtual tour offers live views of Presley's former home, his meditation gardens, and personal items like his pink Cadillac.