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News for Red Line

The MBTA is adding a few ‘upgrades’ to the new Orange and Red Line cars
The MBTA is adding a few new features to the new Orange and Red Line trains. During a meeting Monday afternoon, the agency’s Fiscal and Management Control Board unanimously approved a slate of ...

An ode to the view of Boston from a Red Line train crossing the Longfellow Bridge
THE RED LINE — We begin in near-darkness. The train makes its steady climb up the slightly-sloped tracks, crawling slowly through the dull gray gloom of the tunnel. We are bundled up in our bulky ...

Idle tracks run from north Meck to uptown. Will commuters ever ride the Red Line?
It’s coveted commuter rail that for more than two decades has existed only on paper: the 25-mile Red Line, as it is now known, from traffic-choked northern Mecklenburg County to uptown Charlotte. The ...

South Dakota's transgender bill draws a reasonable red line
If transgender activists have their way, any child at any age will be allowed (and even encouraged!) to alter their bodies and minds permanently. The line must be drawn somewhere, and this bill is a ...

Riding the Red Line? Here’s your playlist
With that in mind, we present our first custom playlist, designed to be a Red Line soundtrack. Since construction on the line is now set to run through Easter, we could have filled this list with ...

Man charged in sexual attack in empty car of Red Line train on North Side
Antoine Jackson also allegedly touched the woman inappropriately and demanded that she perform an "inappropriate act," police said.

Red Line boardings have declined each month. Here's what IndyGo says.
Don't have an account? Get the news Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about The IndyGo Red Line launched on Sept. 1, and board documents show that ridership has decreased ...

A guide to the subway formerly known as the Red Line
The most-used train line in Los Angeles is no longer called the Red Line. As part of a line-naming shakeup, it’s become the B Line—though the route is still outlined in red on Metro system maps.

Red Line riders robbed on Near North Side, Loop: police
Police are warning Red Line passengers of a pair of robberies reported in recent weeks in the Loop and on the Near North Side. In both cases, the suspects approached someone on a train, displayed or ...

Turkish Speaker: Jerusalem is always red line for us
Turkey’s parliament speaker criticized the U.S. Middle East peace plan late Tuesday, saying "Jerusalem is always a red line for us." "Turkey's stance on the Palestinian issue is in line with ...

Woodlawn man charged in sexual attack, robbery on Red Line
A Woodlawn man was charged and accused of exposing himself to a 24-year-old woman he touched, robbed and beat on a CTA Red Line train, Chicago police said. Antoine Jackson, 27, of the 6600 block of ...

BUSTED: These 10 GOP senators said Ukraine quid pro quo was a red line before Bolton bombshell
The Washington Post’s Philip Bump has tracked down statements from ten different Republican senators who in the past indicated that impeachment charges against President Donald Trump would be far more ...