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'GTA Online' Money Exploits Patched, Rockstar Games Could Track Down Cheaters Next
Rockstar Game developers have released a patch to address money-making exploits on "GTA Online." Gamers want cheaters who may still be in the game to be dealt with accordingly.

Rockstar previews major updates for Red Dead Online and GTA V Online
Rockstar plans to release major updates for the online components of both Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption IIthis summer. The content stream starts with a "massive" upda ...

‘Big Brother’: Brett Robinson and Rockstar Landry Reignite Their Beef Over TikTok Videos
Big Brother 20' stars Brett Robinson and Rockstar Landry reignited their beef two years later on Twitter due to a TikTok video that offended Rockstar.

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Alongside announcing the Red Dead Online update, Rockstar Games also announced a new GTA Online update, which will also be quite meaty. However, for now, there's no word when this update will release.

DaBaby's 'Rockstar' Rules Hot 100 for Seventh Week, Drake Debuts Record 39th & 40th Top 10s
DaBaby's "Rockstar" spends a 7th week atop the Hot 100. Plus, DJ Khaled's "Popstar" and "Greece," both featuring Drake, launch at Nos. 3 and 8.

Rockstar Games Releases Massive Update, 'The Naturalist'
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DaBaby & Roddy Ricch's 'Rockstar' Remains At No. 1 For A Seventh Week
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Big Brother news: Rockstar hilariously trolls Nicole Franzel, fans
Rockstar was on the BB20 cast in 2018. Pic credit: CBS Big Brother news has had a lot to do with Nicole Franzel lately, and now Rockstar (real name Angie Lantry) has jumped into the chatter.

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So, while Rockstar seems reticent to just letting us wait in agony for any news on GTA 6, it is at least giving us some new updates on its two current hot properties: GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

Rockstar plans big updates for Red Dead Online, GTA Online
After months of silence on the issue, Rockstar has finally announced that it's updating Red Dead Online and GTA Online with new features for players to use.