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News for Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Can Outflank Apple With A Serious Price Cut
Samsung did the same with the headphone jack and then quietly took down the sarcastic adverts after it launched the Galaxy Note 10 last year - a phone with no headphone jack. And now, in 2020, the ...

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs. OnePlus 8T: Which one wins?
With flagship smartphones getting more expensive, people are looking at midrange devices instead. Will the Galaxy S20 FE or the OnePlus 8T be your next upgrade?

Samsung's rumored Galaxy S21 might not include a charger or headphones
Tech site Sammobile on Tuesday detailed rumors that Samsung may cut the charger and corded earphones from the package for the next Galaxy product -- which could either be called the Galaxy S21 or ...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
Samsung has been a tenacious presence in the premium tablet market. Despite Apple’s domination of a shrinking sector, the Korean giant continues to knock on the door with its pricey flagship Android ...

Samsung Galaxy S21 springs iPhone 12-style "most basic" fail on fans
Samsung has only just launched its Galaxy Z Fold 2 but everyone's attention is already on the Galaxy S21 – the follow-up to the Galaxy S20 series that could be launching as early as January.Recent ...

Samsung Galaxy S21 could copy the worst thing about iPhone 12
Will Samsung include a charger with the Galaxy S21? At this point, it's anyone's guess. The company recently published a post on Facebook that mocked Apple for omitting the adapter from its iPhone 12 ...

ET Deals: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 for $169, $50 Off Apple AirPods Pro
Today you can get Samsung's well-rounded Galaxy Tab A7 for just $169. There's also a $50 discount on  Apple's AirPods Pro, both of which would make excellent gifts this year for Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Will Come With One UI 3.1 & Not One UI 3.0
If rumors are to be believed, Samsung is planning to equip its 2021 Galaxy S21 series with the One UI 3.1 custom UI rather than One UI 3.0.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs leak online
Hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung is reportedly set to unveil a new phone in January. The Gala ...

Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold adds some of the Z Fold 2’s smartest features for free
One of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2’s coolest new features was the ability to use the phone’s front display as a viewfinder for the back cameras, which could be really useful for things lining up ...

Samsung update gives the Galaxy Fold features from its successor
Samsung has started rolling out the Galaxy Fold update it promised in mid-October that’ll give the device features found in its newer sibling.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Key Specs Are No Longer A Secret
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra key specs have been revealed, they’re no longer a secret. This is not an official confirmation, of course, but it comes from ...