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Why Shake Shack Stock Soared to All-Time Highs Today
Shares of Shake Shack ( NYSE:SHAK) reached all-time highs of $113 per share on Wednesday. Wall Street was relieved by the company's recent business update and thrilled for the future following its ...

Shake Shack’s fourth-quarter sales outlook drives shares up double digits
SHAK, +7.66% stock rallied 11.8% on Wednesday and 19.8% for the week so far after the burger chain issued a fourth-quarter business update that expects sales to beat the Street. Shake Shack’s ...

Shake Shack's Optimistic Presentation Wins Bullish Analyst Reactions
As the ICR Conference continues, restaurant chain Shake Shack ( NYSE:SHAK) offered a presentation describing the company's preliminary fourth-quarter and full-year results, and its outlook. The ...

Shake Shack Up as 4th-Period Revenue Estimate Tops Expectations
Shake Shack's fourth-quarter revenue estimate beats Wall Street expectations despite 'a challenging operating environment' due to the pandemic.

Food critic reviews Shake Shack's new Korean-inspired menu
Not since McDonald’s put Szechuan sauce in happy meals for a "Mulan" promotion has a chain’s attempt at marrying Asian flavors to fast food prompted such a swift backlash. The offending entity this ti ...

Shake Shack Stock Jumps 6% After Burger Chain Says Sales Grew in Latest Quarter
Shares of Shake Shack rose 6% in morning trading after the company said its fiscal fourth-quarter revenue grew, following several quarters of sales declines.

Shake Shack rushing to open new restaurants
The New York City-based burger chain said it's "targeting an acceleration" of the development and opening of new restaurants.

Shake Shack Catches Flak for ‘Lazy' Take on Korean Fried Chicken
Shake Shack is catching flak for a limited-edition menu of “Korean-style” offerings that critics say is a “lazy” interpretation of Korean fried chicken.

Manhattan Is a Wasteland for Shake Shack
A pandemic slump at the New York-based burger chain’s urban locations raises bigger questions about where to focus future growth. It’s not alone.

Shake Shack Provides Fourth Quarter 2020 Business Update
Shake Shack Inc. (“Shake Shack” or the “Company”) (NYSE: SHAK) today announced preliminary unaudited results for the fiscal fourth quarter and the fiscal year ended December 30, 2020 ahead of ...

Indiana Man Gets 55 Years in Death of Woman Found in Shack
A man has been sentenced to 55 years in prison in the killing of a northwest Indiana woman who was strangled and dumped in a hunting shack.

Shake Shack (SHAK) Posts Preliminary Q4 Results, Stock Surges
Shake Shack Inc. SHAK recently provided preliminary unaudited results for the fiscal fourth quarter and the fiscal year 2020. The company announced that both average weekly sales and same-sack sales ...