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Google’s Sonos lawsuit dodge might let other phone makers do what Pixel cannot
You might think a Google phone would be the best choice to control your Google-branded speakers, but that’s not necessarily true: Google’s actions have potentially opened the door for other ...

Google’s loss to Sonos settles it: Big Tech has an IP piracy problem
Simply put, Big Tech benefits from stealing IP. The legal costs and potential damages, if ever issued after years of litigation, are paltry by comparison.

Litigators of the Week: Orrick and Lee Sullivan Stick Google With Import Ban in Patent Showdown with Sonos
Clem Roberts and Bas de Blank of Orrick and Sean Sullivan of Lee Sullivan prevailed at the U.S. International Trade Commission this week on all five patents the wireless audio pioneer was asserting ...

Sonos wins Google import ban ruling in U.S. patent fight
A U.S. trade court barred Google late Thursday from importing products that infringe home-audio company Sonos' smart-speaker patents.

The new way of working at Sonos: Intentional Flexibility
As we enter the new year, we’re thankful we made the decision months ago to stop anchoring to our office reopening as an inflection point and instead focused on evolving our way of working together.

Sonos beat Google on patents: How Nest speakers will suffer
Google and audio company Sonos have been in a long-standing legal battle over patent infringement. After two years of lawsuits and countersuits and a preliminary ruling in favor of Sonos last ...

Google Lost A Legal Scuffle With Sonos And Now Its Smart Speakers Are Losing A Key Feature
Google recently lost a legal battle with Sonos, and now its smart speakers are going to be a bit less 'smart' as a result. Why so? A US trade court has handed down a ruling that Google is guilty of ...

Sonos’ Patent Win Will Change Google’s Smart Speakers—for Now
On Thursday, the US International Trade Commission, which rules on import laws, determined that Alphabet-owned Google infringed on audio technology patents held by smart speaker company Sonos ...

Sonos (SONO) Gets a Favorable Ruling in the Patent Case
Sonos SONO recently received a favorable ruling from a U.S. Trade Court, prohibiting Google from importing products that violate Sonos' smart-speaker patents, per a report from Reuters.

Sonos reveals clever new speaker that does more than just play music
You can unsubscribe at any time. More info Sonos has launched the second iteration of its table lamp speaker as part of its ongoing collaboration with flatpack furniture maestros IKEA. The speaker ...

Best Sonos alternatives 2022: multi-room music systems
Sonos is the original, and one of the best, home wireless music systems – but there are alternatives worth considering.