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The government needs to step in and save American businesses or the US is going to spiral into a second Great Depression
We've hit the payroll lay off phase of the pandemic, and dark times are ahead if the government doesn't step up to help.

Hubble Space Telescope spots 'feathered spiral' galaxy in deep space
Just days after it spotted a "bat shadow," the Hubble Space Telescope has found a "feathered spiral" galaxy in deep space.

America is in a negative spiral. It needs a spiritual reset
I’m praying for a spiritual renewal that can help us move beyond the spiral of insult and attack, hate and resentment. I’m praying that we can have the courage and the grace to look within over the ...

Opinion: The turning point for Atlanta’s spiral into violence
Brian Kemp, the turning point in the city of Atlanta came last weekend. The governor’s Monday order cited the shooting death of an 8-year-old girl, the ransacking of Georgia State Patrol headquarters ...

COVID-19 cases spiral in Odisha, critical care infrastructure needs support
While all ICU beds have been occupied, leaving no bed for new patients, 17 of the ventilators are in use in Bhubaneswar.

Shawn Johnson details 'dark spiral' of medications, body image issues after 2008 Olympic gold
Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East detailed in depth her struggles with body image, weight loss medication Bejing Olympics. Johnson, 28, shared a nearly 25-minute video on the family YouTube ...

At 5.4% CAGR, Spiral Membrane Market Size to Reach USD 5785.8 Million by 2025
Selbyville, Delaware A recent report added by Market Study Report, LLC, on ‘ Spiral Membrane Market’ provides a detailed analysis on the industry size, revenue forecasts and geographical landscape ...

Inside expensive downward spiral of the $315 million Powerball winner
Luck was the last thing that Jack Whittaker needed. In fact, it was so-called good fortune that set off the decimation of Whittaker, who died June 27 at the age of 72. The problems began on the ...

Shawn Johnson Details Abusing Pills & Struggling With Body Image During 'Dark Spiral' After Olympics
Shawn Johnson has overcome a lot on her decade-long journey to self-love and body acceptance. In a raw and emotional YouTube video posted to her and husband Andrew East's channel, The East Family, the ...

At Syrian Aid Summit, a Struggle to Raise Enough to End ‘Downward Spiral’
As the civil war enters its 10th year, Syria’s economy is collapsing and the pandemic is adding to the woes. Donors pledged $7.7 billion in aid Tuesday, an amount not nearly enough to end the misery.

Katy Perry says split from Orlando Bloom in 2017 sent her into a spiral: 'I just crashed'
Splitting with Orlando Bloom hit Katy Perry hard. The pop star told CBC she was "suicidal" after the two separated in 2017.

South Africa’s Central Banker Warns of Unsustainable Debt Spiral
South Africa’s government debt could become unsustainable and the country could default if lawmakers heed a call by a group of economists to reject the supplementary budget, according to Kuben Naidoo, ...