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The Station: CES trends and Uber plots another spinoff
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Hellertown teen robs gas station, steals ambulance before getaway stalls, police say
A 19-year-old Hellertown woman robbed a gas station of cigarettes and Mentos but couldn’t drive the ambulance she stole for her escape, according to borough police.

'Kill All Cops': California Protesters Vandalize Police Station, City Hall With Graffiti
Windows were smashed and walls graffitied with threatening messages by protesters in the Californian city of Vacaville.

Naval Station Norfolk opens new gate to base
Gate 6 opened at the same time as the new ramp that connects it to I-564, Hampton Boulevard and the Norfolk International Terminals' North Gate.

New Sherman Police station plans begin to take shape
Visions and plans for Sherman's new police station and headquarters are beginning to take shape.  City officials are expected to present conceptual plans Tuesday for the new $14 million police station ...

Naval Station Norfolk holds ribbon-cutting ceremony for base’s newest gate
Naval Station Norfolk has a new gate. Officials from Naval Station Norfolk along with Norfolk City officials and members of the Virginia Department of Transportation held a ...

Former KMOV meteorologist Meghan Danahey sues station
Fired after six years at KMOV, Danahey has filed a gender and age discrimination lawsuit against the station and its news director, Scott Diener.

Belleville gas station employee shot, killed during armed robbery attempt
The Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis was called to investigate a shooting at a Metro East gas station that left one man dead Saturday night.

Damascus waste station closed due to COVID-19
Washington County, Virginia officials are encouraging anyone who visited the Damascus solid waste convenience station in the past week to get tested for COVID-19 due to ...

19-year-old arrested for possession of .04 ounces of cannabis in College Station
Upon approaching the male, the officer informed him that, " due to him smelling of marijuana, as well as the car", the officer would be inspecting both.

Army Veteran Recounts Deadly Encounter With Emotionally Disturbed Man Inside New York City Subway Station
The 55-year-old was at the station and saw the push. As bystanders screamed to stop the oncoming train, the Army veteran jumped onto the tracks to help the victim.

Man robs Lisle gas station at gunpoint
Lisle police are investigating the armed robbery of a gas station early Monday morning. A man entered the Speedway at 550 Ogden Ave. just after midnight and acted like he was paying for Cheetos, ...