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Espanyol slip away to Barcelona's tune but the silence will sting too
Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol left the first division to the opening bars of “Cant del Barça”, the anthem of the club that has cast a shadow over them for so long. It was, their director general said, ...

2 arrested in prostitution sting at Lynn Haven massage parlor
2 charged in multimillion-dollar prostitution operation Polk prostitution sting nets 124 arrests, including naked man Former Florida sex workers see value in trafficking education Investigators ...

A Black Republican Feels the Sting of Racism but Is Silent on Trump
John James, a candidate for Senate in Michigan, is grappling with heavy and complicated questions as he tries to lead in President Trump’s Republican Party.

Suspect in Las Vegas online prostitution sting is Nellis airman
One of four men arrested in a Las Vegas online prostitution sting is a master sergeant at Nellis Air Force Base, authorities confirmed.

Goya CEO’s support for Trump leaves many Latinos feeling sting of betrayal
The CEO of Goya’s praise of President Trump triggered a boycott. There hasn’t been this much stink about beans since the campfire scene in ‘Blazing Saddles.’ Mexican-American cookbook author and food ...

Reducing football schedule delivers financial blow to Iowa athletics. Here's how much it will sting
A game at Kinnick Stadium means more than $3 million for Iowa athletics. But two of this year's non-conference opponents would have generated less than that.

Apple continues to sting the British taxpaper
What a surprise The fruity cargo cult Apple is continuing to sting the British Inland Revenue. The UK retail arm of Apple paid just $7.7 million in taxes last year despite raking in almost $1.7 ...

Former JSU president found guilty in prostitution sting
A Mississippi judge has found Jackson State University's former president guilty of misdemeanor charges related to a prostitution sting. Municipal Judge Steve Boone of Clinton found William Bynum Jr.

Christopherson: Right call by B1G, but lost non-con games sting
All the games were in Lincoln, in fact. But they were all going to be challenges in their own right, and quite important on several different levels to the programs involved. They were good games not ...

‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Sting May Come Up in Trump-AMLO Meeting
Ahead of a meeting between the leaders of the U.S. and Mexico, Washington has responded to concerns raised by Mexico two months ago about a gun sting carried out during the administration of former ...

‘The Dream Of The Blue Turtles’: “A Very Happy Experience,” Recalls Sting
In an exclusive interview with uDiscover Music, Sting reminisces about a staging post album, his solo debut The Dream of the Blue Turtles.