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News for Teddy Bears

Hershey Bears fans toss thousands of teddy bears for children in need
On a chilly, windy day, hundreds of people lined up in their cars to donate thousands of stuffed animals to the annual Hershey Bears Teddy Bear Toss outside the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa., Jan. 23, ...

Hershey's annual Teddy Bear Toss turns Drive-Thru
Hershey certainly missed the sight of teddy bears raining down from the Giant Center stands, ranging from fun-sized stuffed animals, all the way to teddy bears the size of a car, which in 2021, was ...

Exclusive: A First Look At Teddy Fresh's Care Bears Collaboration
"Visually, Care Bears and the Bear are just a great match. I love the idea of the bears being in the same world together," Teddy Fresh's founder and CEO, Hila Klein, tells NYLON. "Also, the vibrance ...

Special teddy bears for critically ill children stolen from Katy charity
More than 100 teddy bears intended for severely ill or injured children were stolen from a storage facility on Jan. 16.

Hershey Bears' drive-thru Teddy Bear Toss collects 31,381 stuffed animals

Steiff, known for teddy bears since 1880, has many collectible creatures: Antiques & Collectibles
I won an old, unusual Steiff animal toy in like-new condition at a charity card party. It is a soft cloth, 7-inch-long “Crabby” lobster complete with original ...

Meet Teddy Bear Mama, The Woman Who Has a Collection of Over 20,000 Teddy Bears
New Delhi: A woman named Valeria Schmidt from Hungary is all over social media for all the cute reasons. Nicknamed ‘Teddy Bear Mama’ all over the country, Valeria looks after over 20,000 teddy bears ...

Artisan’s teddy bears a comfort for those who have lost loved ones to Covid
The bears give them something to hold onto after their loved ones pass away: they are made from the Covid victims' clothing.

Teddy bears for children facing life-threatening illnesses stolen from nonprofit’s storage facility
A local nonprofit is looking to replace some very special inventory after a recent burglary left them without teddy bears meant for children facing life-threatening illnesses.

Wrapped in plastic, no picnic for Hungarian teddy bears asleep in pandemic
In a small village in eastern Hungary, more than 20,000 teddy bears are "hibernating" in a warehouse, waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to ease so they can bring joy to children in local nurseries.

The Hershey Bears Teddy Bear Toss will go on as a drive-thru Saturday
The Hershey Bears Teddy Bear Toss brings joy to so many people, including those giving and receiving. So, organizers figured out a way to keep the tradition going, but with some changes to keep ...