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News for Tientsin

Indulge at these restaurants for the Lunar New Year (Part I)
Both outlets of Min Jiang, at Goodwood Park Hotel and at Dempsey, truly believe having a satisfied stomach is a bliss. And they seek to achieve that by whipping up huge, huge platters for its guests.

Tientsin Garrison
Between 1923 and 1941, the only Army forces stationed on foreign soil were the garrison of about 1,000 maintained at Tientsin, China, from 1912 until 1938 and a force of similar strength dispatched ...

Men and Guns of the 1900 China Relief Expedition
The outlook for the trapped legation appeared grim. Blocking the road to Peking, Chinese troops at Tientsin armed with Martini-Henry breech-loading rifles. Following the death of the German ambassador ...

Chinese popular web drama ‘Tientsin Mystic’ suddenly taken offline for ‘related policy reason’
Tientsin Mystic was removed from Chinese streaming site IQiyi this week, making the acclaimed suspense show one of the most high-profile in a third wave of web dramas being taken offline since the ...

REPORTER AT LARGE about writer's recent visit to Tientsin, China, where he spent the first eleven years of his life. His father was a missionary who had been recruited by the International Committee ...

Berlin press jubilant over Tientsin - June 20, 1939
The situation in Tientsin and the apparent deadlock in the Moscow discussions are observed with considerable satisfaction in Berlin. They are significantly linked with Germany’s claims in Danzig in ...

Hoover besieged in the Chinese city of Tientsin, June 1, 1900
On this day in 1900, 25-year-old mining engineer Herbert Hoover and his wife, Lou Henry, were besieged in the Chinese city of Tientsin by xenophobic rebels calling themselves the Society of Righteous ...

Watch Tientsin Mystic Season 1 Episode 13
An investigator with a supernatural ability to determine guilt joins with a forensic specialist, a spirit medium and a reporter to root out a hidden cult threatening their early 20th-century river ...