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News for Truck

30 Philadelphia officers injured, one run over by truck, in protests after police fatally shoot Black man
Dozens of police officers were injured and more than 30 people were arrested during protests in Philadelphia over the death of Walter Wallace, Jr.

New $50,000 refrigerator truck delivers food to Danbury area pantries
The new refrigerator truck is expected to help Danbury area pantries as demand for food rises during the coronavirus pandemic and holiday season.

Why the next truck you see may be a quiet, zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell rig
Nikola, Toyota and Hyundai are among the automakers pursuing hydrogen fuel cell trucks, replacing diesel rigs with quiet, zero-emission trucks.

Triton-EV builds electric semi-truck in just 35 days
This cleverly engineered heavy-hauler features an electric powertrain with a hydrogen fuel-cell range-extender.

Truck driver's border protest falls flat
The blockade and protest scheduled for Saturday morning along Laredo’s World Trade Bridge border crossing ended briefly due to lack of support from truck drivers for the organizer. In total, ...

Raw Video: Driver killed in crash involving cement truck in southwest Houston
Houston police are investigating a fatal crash Tuesday morning involving a cement truck on Mykawa Road near Madden Lane.

Make Your Bed: Everything you need to know about truck bed liners
If there was ever a singular phrase that was drilled into your author’s head as a young lad, it was “Always protect your investment” (just ahead of “Why are the cops on our doorstep?”). My parents ...

Lordstown Motors pushes forward with Endurance electric truck
Now that Lordstown Motors Corp. has the financial backing it needs, the electric vehicle startup is preparing to deliver its electric truck by next September ...

Ice truck given to Cedar Lake Historical Society: ‘We have our history on wheels’
I fell in love the moment I walked up in the barn and saw it,” she said, adding she knew she had to have it for the museum.

Authorities: 2 girls in truck led police on 30-mile chase
Two young girls in a pickup truck led police on a chase of at least 30 miles through metro Birmingham, Alabama authorities said.

Driver escapes through window after losing control of truck, plunging into U.P. river
According to the Menominee County Sheriff’s Office, icy conditions on M-35 in Cedar River contributed to the crash, which occurred just before 8 a.m. on Monday.

2 Montana Tow Truck Drivers Killed at Accident Scene
Two tow truck drivers were killed when they were hit by a pickup truck while working an accident scene on icy Interstate 90 in southern Montana.