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News for Venezuela

Venezuela congress taps two U.S. firms to manage offshore funds
Venezuela's congress on Thursday said it hired two U.S. firms to manage $80 million seized from President Nicolas Maduro's government after Washington disavowed it and recognized opposition leader ...

Venezuela's Guaidó names Citgo chief executive to board
Venezuela's National Assembly speaker Juan Guaidó on Thursday named the chief executive U.S. refiner Citgo Petroleum Corp to the board of directors of the company, a subsidiary of Venezuelan state ...

The United States does not want Cuba and Venezuela to buy on Amazon
The Treasury release did not say which Cuban embassies were trying to buy supplies on Amazon. The company also seems to have violated multiple sanctions programs administered by the Treasury’s Office ...

Libya, U.S. Probe Alleged Gold Trade Between Venezuela and Warlord
Libya and the U.S. are investigating suspected gold-for-cash trades between Venezuela and Libyan militia leader Khalifa Haftar, security officials said.

AP Explains: Options narrowing for Venezuela’s opposition
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is increasingly moving to sideline the opposition led by U.S.-backed lawmaker Juan Guaidó ...

Venezuela High Court Orders Takeover of Guaidó's Party
Venezuela’s government-stacked Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the takeover of opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s political party, the latest in a series of moves against President Nicolás Maduro’s ...

Venezuela Sells, But Who’s Buying?
Venezuela's oil and gas industry has renewed calls for liberalizing reforms. But, a democratic transition and legal reforms may not be enough to attract the large investments needed.

Federal agents seize more than 80 luxury cars at Port Everglades bound for Venezuela
Port Everglades is looking like an auto dealership these days, with rows of high-end vehicles on display, including a Mercedes Biturbo SUV worth a whopping $150,000, and even a few low-end cars, such ...

US seizes 81 vehicles in Venezuela smuggling ring
Federal investigators said Wednesday they have seized 81 vehicles worth an estimated $3.2 million that were bound for Venezuela as part of a smuggling ring operated for wealthy and politically ...

U.S. Economic, Military Pressure Drives Deeper Venezuela, Iran Ties
A Venezuelan official told Newsweek that the U.S. has no right to intervene in the bilateral relations of two sovereign states" and an Iranian official said his country is "not threatened by U.S.

Governor of Venezuela's COVID-plagued Zulia state in clinic -sources
Omar Prieto was admitted on Tuesday night to a private clinic near Zulia's capital of Maracaibo where he is receiving preventative treatment while he awaits the results of a COVID-19 test, according ...

Maduro Orders Takeover of Guaido’s Party Ahead of Venezuela Vote
President Nicolas Maduro continued his takeover of Venezuela’s main opposition parties Tuesday by ordering the suspension of the board of Popular Will, led by his biggest rival, Juan Guaido.