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News for Vietnam

Duterte Should Visit Vietnam And Malaysia Before Visiting China
Before visiting his “friends” in Beijing at the end of this month, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte needs a strategy lesson or two on how to stop Chinese vessels from invading Philippine waters.

Vietnam says Facebook steps up local content restrictions
HANOI (Reuters) - Facebook is restricting access to increasing amounts of content in Vietnam, a government official said on Thursday, as the Southeast Asian country ramps up a campaign to tighten ...

Vietnam War ‘Jungle Eaters’ find strength, healing at veterans’ reunion in Berea
BEREA, Ohio -- The men navigated massive armored bulldozers through thick, concealing jungle vegetation 50 years ago during the Vietnam War while serving with the 27/60th Engineering Company Land ...

This Startup Wants to Digitalise Vietnam-based SMEs' Inventory with Their Latest Fundraise
Vietnam’s Citigo Software-owned software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, KiotViet has raised US$6 million in a Series A funding round from venture capital firm Jungle Ventures, and an online travel ...

Vietnam Demands Chinese Ship Leaves Its Exclusive Economic Zone
HANOI — Vietnam has demanded that China remove an oil survey vessel and its escorts from the Southeast Asian country's exclusive economic zone, amid a month-long standoff in waters seen as a potential ...

Vietnam and Indonesia stand out as Belt and Road bets, reports show
SINGAPORE -- Southeast Asia is becoming ever more of a hotbed for investment related to China's Belt and Road Initiative, two separate reports issued this month show. Chinese investment and ...

Tribute 51 years overdue for fallen Vietnam War hero
Drafted to serve his country in the Vietnam War, Russell Milberry arrived there two days before his 20th birthday and died five days later. Drafted to serve his country in the Vietnam War, Russell ...

Vietnam aims to sell stakes in nearly 100 state firms by end of 2020
HANOI (Reuters) - Vietnam plans to speed up its privatisation programme by selling stakes in nearly 100 state-owned firms by the end of 2020, including Agribank, the government said late on Thursday.

One of America's Last Battleships Fired 5,688 16-Inch Shells During the Vietnam War
As the war in Vietnam reached its crescendo, the U.S. Navy prepared to recommission one of the most powerful ships ever to serve in the fleet. USS New Jersey, an Iowa-class battleship, was ...

Steelers legend makes emotional return to Vietnam
"The Return" features Tom Rinaldi accompanying Steelers legend Rocky Bleier on his return to Vietnam for the first time since being wounded in war.

I-Team helps Vietnam veteran get medical care
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A 76-year-old Vietnam Veteran is finally receiving medical care at a VA hospital this week, but only after the ABC7 I-Team helped him cut through the red tape. It can be ...

Vietnam vet pens 'The Seal's Lair'
Vietnam vet pens 'The Seal's Lair' J.A. Gasperetti is a Vietnam vet who started writing "Landon's Odyssey" in the 1990s on a legal notepad. Now, he's published the sequel to that book and is reading ...