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News for Vineland

Shake Shack's first-ever drive-thru is coming to a West Orlando shopping center
The first ever Shake Shack drive-through will open at Vineland Pointe later this year, announced the shopping center Friday. The shopping plaza is located just west ...

Vineland City Council has double first with African-American woman as president
Vineland City Council made history Tuesday as Elizabeth A. Arthur became its first African-American and first woman president.

South Jersey community grieving after COVID-19 claims daughter, father days apart
Sheree Coccaro was a longtime Vineland Public School District staffer. Her father, Charles Scarpa Jr. , was a retired Vineland volunteer firefighter.

Vineland Elks Lodge supports Salvation Army
Joseph E. Romano, president of the Vineland Elks Lodge 1422, recently presented a $1,000 donation to Major Jackie Rivera, commanding officer of the Salvation Army in Vineland, to help with the ...

Vineland pilot killed in ultralight aircraft crash
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Shake Shack inches closer to opening 1st drive-thru
The chain, hampered by its urban real estate portfolio, announced plans to open a drive-thru in a new Orlando development later this year.

Shake Shack to open 5th Orlando location at Vineland Pointe
The latest Shake Shack, scheduled to open later this year, is one of the first in the nation that will have a double drive-thru.

2020 Turnout Trophy goes to Vineland and Stow Creek after record-setting election year
Vineland and Stow Creek are the winners of Cumberland County’s 2020 Turnout Trophy. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Cumberland County voters cast ballots in record numbers in the Nov. 3 ...

Vineland man dies in ultralight aircraft crash in Franklin
FRANKLIN - A Vineland man died Monday when his ultralight aircraft crashed in a wooded area here, police say. The body of Gerard Asselta, 64, was found beneath the wreckage of his single-engine ...