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Donna Shane Hopkins, 77
Donna Shane Hopkins' generous and expansive heart, beating since her Valentine-Day birth 77 years ago, 1943, finally gave up trying to cope with all the medical challenges she experienced over the ...

Donna K. Wagner
Sherwood, WI -- Donna K. Wagner was born March 12, 1944 in Janesville, WI, to Don and Kay (Herstad) Pickering. She passed away on Monday, August 31, 2020 in Menasha, WI. Donna was a 1962 graduate of ...

Donna ISD brings meals and an open ear to students’ doorsteps
Donna ISD distributed food to school aged children last week through its meals on wheels program, using the occasion as an opportunity to meet with students and parents to ask about what’s working and ...

Donna Summer's 1979 hit 'Hot Stuff' gets 2020 remix from Kygo
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Donna's Day: No-cook summer breakfast porridge
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Obituary: Donna Mae Ridgeway
Donna, a newly single woman, moved to Prescott to start a new adventure and adventure is what she found in her new hometown! Donna thrived in Prescott when she became a business partner in the ...

Amy Johnson & Donna Bailey: DCF’s denial of grants to parent child centers questioned
It seems the Department for Children and Families' true intent is to limit what the funding can be spent on, force providers to spend money without knowing whether it will be reimbursed, and change ...