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News for New York

New York officials monitoring pipeline shutdown, Republicans call for suspension of state gas tax
Cuomo officials announced they will “continue to work closely with our federal and state partners, as well as fuel distributors, to monitor the issue and safeguard the supply chain for all New Yorkers ...

Printer cartridges from container which fell off cargo ship near New York coast in 2014 are found 4,000 miles away on beaches of Europe
Six ocean currents in the Atlantic Ocean distributed 1,500 inkjet cartridges from off the coast of New York up into Norway and along England after they were dumped during a cargo ship spill in 2014.

New York ‘insulated’ from pipeline fuel crisis, experts say
Drivers in the tri-state area are unlikely to be significantly impacted by the Colonial Pipeline shutdown — thanks to massive amounts of gas that flow into the New York harbor daily, experts told The ...

New York Fashion Week Will Be a Thing Again
After years of struggling to retain big names, some star brands, from Altuzarra to Telfar, have committed to showing in the city through 2022.

Four People Attacked on New York City Subways in 24 Hours as Mayor Touts Safety
Mayor Bill de Blasio said his city will continue to make adjustments to the number of officers in the transit system.

Shake Shack, a New York City native, is focusing its expansion on the suburbs
Shake Shack Inc. is expanding its footprint, and says the suburbs are a prime target. “Assuming no unforeseen COVID-related delays, we’re on target to open between 35 and 40 new company-operated ...

Judge rejects NRA’s bankruptcy bid, allowing New York’s lawsuit against the gun group to proceed: 5 questions answered
A federal judge in Dallas said on May 11, 2021 that he was dismissing the National Rifle Association’s bankruptcy case after finding that the gun group did not file it “in good faith.” The NRA filed ...

Can New York’s Next Mayor Fix the City’s Broken Property Tax System?
Mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan may have flubbed a question about housing prices, but his answer had a kernel of truth: Expensive homes in Brooklyn really are assessed for a fraction of their value.

New York getting ready to vaccinate kids 12 to 15
New York City health officials and national pharmacy chain CVS said Wednesday that they're prepared to start vaccinating children ages 12 to 15 as early as Thursday. The ...

New York Rangers fire head coach David Quinn, 3 assistants
The New York Rangers fired coach David Quinn and three assistant coaches on Wednesday after missing the playoffs with one of the NHL's up-and-coming young teams.

Consumer Price Index, New York-Newark-Jersey City – April 2021
Prices in the New York-Newark-Jersey City area, as measured by the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), rose 0.7 percent in April, following a 0.4-percent increase in March, the U.S.

New York Yankees have 7 COVID-19 positives among coaching, support staff, Aaron Boone says
The Yankees have now confirmed seven COVID-19 positives among their coaching and support staff, manager Aaron Boone announced Wednesday.