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News for Watch Casio

N.HOOLYWOOD Is Back With Casio for 7th G-SHOCK Collab
N.HOOLYWOOD has just unveiled its 7th collaboration with Casio G-SHOCK in the form of an all-black DW-5900. In keeping with its previous releases, this G-SHOCK maintains a completely tonal shade but ...

Make The Most Of Your Hiking Experience With Casio
PRO TREK PRTB70 If your passion is hiking and fishing, the PRTB70 is the ideal timepiece to boost your adventure as it can help find the best fishing sites. In addition to quad sensor technology and ...

Casio Launches Edifice Collaboration Model With Honda Racing
Casio has launched a special-collaboration model with Honda Racing for its Edifice range of watches. The collaboration is even more symbolic as it pays ode to the 20th anniversary of Edifice.

Tyler, the Creator Levels Up His Watch Game
Tyler, the Creator is a patron saint of the cheap watch. For years, the rapper has remained loyal to his $11 Casio, pairing it with his favorite Gucci, Supreme, and Louis Vuitton. His choice put him ...

Waterproofing The Best Watch Ever Made
Does it work? Don’t know about this watch, but this was done to another classic Casio watch and tested to 1200 psi. That’s a kilometer underwater, and the watch still worked afterward.

See This Casio? Watch It Unlock My Tesla!
[Mattia] decided that a spare key card might be good to have around, and that building it into his Casio F-91W watch would put the key as close at hand as it could be without getting an implant.

The Digital Watch Turns 50: A Definitive History
From the experimental Hamilton Pulsar to the wildly successful Apple Watch, Finlay Renwick delves into the real story behind history's 'space-age wrist computers' ...

G-SHOCK Readies Tonal Timpieces and "Utility Marble" Watches for Winter
SHOCK ‘s seasonal watch lineup is getting filled out by way of two thematic timepiece collections, yielding versatile soon-to-be classics and statement watches alike. The “Earth Tone Color Series” ...

G-SHOCK Releases Limited-Edition Collaboration With Wildlife Promising Inspired By The African Rock Python
SHOCK announces its latest collaboration with Wildlife Promising, an authorized nonprofit organization dedicated to African wildlife preservation, on a limited-edition MT-G series model. Inspired by ...

Tyler, The Creator is now the owner of a Cartier Santos-Dumont
Attending the People's Choice Awards, Tyler, The Creator flaunted a bubblegum-pink and gold Cartier Santos-Dumont.