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News for Windows 8

Here's what's new for Windows 8.1 and 7 this Patch Tuesday
and that includes Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, assuming you're paying for extended security updates for the latter. As usual, there are two sets of updates for the operating systems, one monthly ...

Windows 8 - Free Reference Card Bundle
Claim your free reference guide today, before this offer expires. This Windows 8 Quick Reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for the popular operating system. Use it to brush up on the ...

Not another Windows interface!
It appears Microsoft wants to give the Windows interface a major overhaul in late 2021. No, for the love of God, no!

Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 Pro Surface Pricing
Some recent rumors have suggested that Microsoft might be thinking about speeding-up the release of the Windows 8 Pro version of its Surface tablet, in an effort to generate some consumer interest ...

Will the post-PC world also be the post-Windows world?
We learned over the weekend that Microsoft is planning to release a major update to Windows next year that will essentially act as a do-over for Windows 8, the platform that has so far failed in ...

Microsoft Live Account Credentials Leaking From Windows 8 And Above
In Windows 8 and 10, the same bug has now been found to potentially leak the user’s Microsoft Live account login and (hashed) password information, which is also used to access OneDrive ...

Windows 8 RT Explained (Video)
Windows RT is difficult to explain, so this video is our best effort to show you how it works and how it’s different. But here’s a summary: Windows RT is a tale of two worlds. One, the ...

Microsoft fixes Secure Boot bug allowing Windows rootkit installation
Microsoft has fixed a security feature bypass vulnerability in Secure Boot that allows attackers to compromise the operating system's booting process even when Secure Boot is enabled.

Take Ownership of Files & Folders in Windows 10
Here you can change Permissions. Let us see how to do this in detail below. With the release of Windows 10/8, Microsoft has changed the way to Take Ownership a bit. On Windows 7, it is pretty much ...

Mantra's Fingerprint Scanners Now Support Biometric Log-in with Windows Biometric Framework (WBF)
Mantra Softech, one of the leading Biometrics and RFID solutions companies, has recently announced that its three fingerprint scanners i.e. MFS500, Mapro CX, and Mapro OX, drivers now support Windows ...

Windows 10X's quick settings made me fall in love with Microsoft's new version of Windows
Windows 10X was recently shown off in a video. Our news writer and app expert Sean Endicott has been on cloud 9 after seeing its new flyouts in action.

Sophisticated Hacks Against Android, Windows Reveal Zero-Day Trove
Watering-hole attacks executed by ‘experts’ exploited Chrome, Windows and Android flaws and were carried out on two servers.