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Lawyers allege abuse of migrant women by gynecologist for Georgia ICE detention center
I was brought up by the American dream that you treat people the way you want to be treated," said a nurse who filed a whistleblower complaint.

Women and Asian medics vulnerable to badly fitting masks: report
Women healthcare workers and medical staff with Asian heritage are less likely to be using face masks that fit them properly making them more vulnerable to infection, according to a report on Tuesday ...

South Sudanese fighter for women's voices honored by U.S. peace group
South Sudanese activist Rita Lopidia was just a child when shells started falling in her hometown of Juba, forcing her and her family to flee the fighting in the 1990s.

Women's Surgeries Questioned At GA ICE Facility, Pelosi Weighs In
Whistleblower says "the uterus collector," a gynecologist working at a Georgia ICE detention center, performed unnecessary hysterectomies.

Man who stalked women in Denver Highland gets 12 years in prison, 10 years supervised probation
Agustin Guerrero, 35, who stalked and attacked women in the Denver Highlands neighborhood, must register as a sex offender.

San Francisco to give $1,000 monthly stipend to pregnant Black, Pacific Islander women
Pregnant Black and Pacific Islander women in San Francisco will get a $1,000 monthly supplement during and after their pregnancy in a first of its kind initiative meant to help improve health outcomes ...

Texas officials drop plan to cut $15M from programs helping low-income women, some parents
State health officials have pulled back on a plan to cut millions from programs that serve low-income women and parents of children with developmental disabilities.

'Like an Experimental Concentration Camp': Women at Detention Center Report High Number of Hysterectomies
"Everybody he sees, he’s taking all their uteruses out or he’s taken their tubes out," a former nurse at the facility said of a local gynecologist ...

Union Pacific CEO discusses ESG investing and pledge to hire more women
Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz said the railroad company plans to double its women in the workforce by 2030. Got a confidential news tip? We want to hear from you. Sign up for free newsletters and get ...

Women's soccer in England shows resilience with new sponsor
LONDON (AP) — After a slew of high-profile signings in its top league, women’s soccer in England further underscored its growing resilience during the pandemic by securing a new three-year sponsor for ...

Minden native and Nebraska women's basketball player Taylor Kissinger retires
Taylor Kissinger, who has battled a variety of injuries in her career announced Tuesday she wants to transition toward coaching after running into setbacks during her rehabilitation.

NCAA to decide shape and form for college basketball seasons on Wednesday, with UConn men and women awaiting schedules
The shape, form and timeline of the college basketball season will be up for a vote Wednesday, when the NCAA Division I Council considers the proposals put forward by the men’s and women’s basketball ...