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Explained: What is ‘yellow dust’, which North Korea has warned could be carrying Covid-19?
North Korea has said the 'yellow dust' blowing in from China can bring with it Covid-19. What is yellow dust? Can Covid-19 be transmitted through dust clouds?

First Glance: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Notre Dame and Georgia square off this weekend as the fourth-ranked Fighting Irish host the 2-4 Yellow Jackets. We’ll kick off our coverage of Georgia Tech with a first glance at the Yellow Jackets.

Yellow-shirted Thai royalists show support for king
More than 1,000 yellow-shirted Thai royalists demonstrated in support of King Maha Vajiralongkorn on Tuesday, close to where thousands of people marched a day earlier to demand reforms of the monarchy ...

2nd possible coronavirus exposure reported at Yellow Brick Road Casino
A second possible coronavirus exposure has been reported at Yellow Brick Road Casino, according to the Madison County Health Department. The possible exposure happened between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Jeff Hafley and Players Speak After Big Win Against Yellow Jackets
Boston College pounded the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on Saturday 48-27. Led by 264 yards on the ground, the Eagles were able to jump out to a big early lead and held on as GT made a rush near the ...

LRAPA issues yellow smoke advisory for Eugene/Springfield and Oakridge
The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency issued a yellow smoke advisory for Eugene/Springfield and Oakridge. This advisory began 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 26, and continues through 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Reopening: More San Francisco Businesses Open Doors Under Yellow Tier
Gyms, personal care services and other businesses in San Francisco opened their doors Tuesday as the city became the first in the Bay Area to enter the Yellow Tier, which has the least COVID-19 ...

South Sudan conducts a vaccination campaign to protect 93 000 people from yellow fever
It’s a busy Saturday morning and the second day of the reactive yellow fever vaccination campaign in Kajo-keji County, Central Equatoria State. At exactly 8:00 am, when the vaccination team opened the ...

Yellow crazy ant infestation could spread to Queensland's wet tropics, conservationists warn
Calls for urgent funding from state and federal governments to deal with one of the world’s worst invasive species File photo of yellow crazy ants. A new infestation of the invasive species has ...

Discord in Hong Kong’s ‘yellow economic circle’ as staff disputes, mistrust add to Covid-19 business woes
Sogno Gelato was among about 1,000 yellow establishments to declare on Facebook since February that they were facing an emergency and at risk of going under, appealing to supporters to save their ...

Yellow Pages Publisher Thryv Direct-Lists on the Nasdaq to Little Fanfare
Thryv Holdings, a Yellow Pages publisher and cloud-based marketing services company, listed on the Nasdaq on Thursday in a barely noticed direct listing. The stock is trading under the symbol THRY.

‘Yellow Rose’ Review: A Timely Tale of Country Music Dreams
(Like Rose, she is a Texas-raised Filipino-American.) “Yellow Rose” is often affecting as its gifted heroine dreams while drifting between parental figures, including her aunt (Lea Salonga).