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How a mythical backwoods monster saved a struggling West Virginia glass company
The pandemic shuttered Blenko Glass Company. Then a limited edition of figurines brought one of the most profitable years in decades.

Ohio County Teacher Goes Above And Beyond For Her Second Graders
Second-grade teacher Heather Puglisi was presented WVPB's Above And Beyond excellence-in-teaching award this week at Warwood Elementary in Wheeling, West Virginia. She received a monetary award, our ...

This Is Home: Master Glassblower continues craft despite getting COVID-19
Well, for Master Glassblower Dave Fetty, he has no plans of ever quitting his craft. “I started at Blenko Glass in Milton West Virginia, down in Cabell County when I was 19 years old.

Walter Blenko
UFOs? Mysterious Series Of Lights Spotted Streaking Across Texas Skies"What was that?" That's the question some people in North Texas have as they witnessed a strange streak of lights in the night ...

Attractions: To see and to do
Here are dozens of great places to visit and enjoy.

Living in the past
The room features geometric print walls and a psychedelic rainbow of glassware, ranging from a hand-blown flame-colored Blenko, worth $100-plus, to a $4 bottle Elioff picked up at T.J. Maxx.

What Effect Does the Organizational Structure Have on Chief Executives?
However, Bain & Company consultants Marcia W. Blenko and her colleagues point out in a July 2010 "Forbes" article that restructurings are risky investments that often fail to achieve performance ...