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White Claw won over the "bros." Now, Natty Light, PBR, and Four Loko want to win them back with even boozier hard seltzer.
In the past week, Natural Light, PBR, and Four Loko have all announced plans to roll out hard seltzers.

Editorial: Claw out toxic coal tar from SC's Congaree River
When it looked as if plans were doomed for clawing out the coal tar in the Congaree River in Columbia, this newspaper advocated capping the slick near the Gervais Street Bridge as a less costly, ...

Northeast Ohio band records ode to popular White Claw hard seltzers
White Claw, an alcohol-infused, canned seltzer beverage that has become the summer sensation of 2019, now has an unofficial theme song with local ties. "Drinkin' Claws," a collaboration between Mark ...

LEGO Genius Built a Fully Functioning Claw Machine With More Than 13,000 Bricks
Claw machines are infamously frustrating, and even if you have a couple great tips for grabbing prizes, chances are you're still coming out on the losing end more times than not. But despite it ...

How Healthy (or Not Healthy) Is White Claw?
A dietician takes closer look at the drink of the summer's nutritional content. Last September, Phil Rosse, president of the beverage conglomerate that makes White Claw Hard Seltzer, told the Chicago ...

How White Claw Became The Law
If you’ve been anywhere near social media or a backyard BBQ this summer, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is drinking White Claw. But what does this mean for the beverage industry?

Natural Light is coming out with its own hard seltzer to compete with 'bro' favorite White Claw
Natural Light is looking to compete in the rapidly growing hard-seltzer market with its own take on the popular beverage, Natural Light Seltzer.

Truly enlists Keegan-Michael Key in a battle for seltzer supremacy against White Claw
Are you a print subscriber? Activate your account. By I-Hsien Sherwood - 12 min 43 sec ago By Anthony Crupi - 1 hour 22 min ago 1 hour 52 min ago By E.J. Schultz - 2 hours 20 min ago By Adrianne ...

Mick Foley Talks Bray Wyatt Using The Mandible Claw, Upcoming Confrontation With Frank The Clown
WWE Hall of Famer and hardcore legend Mick Foley sat down for an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc.'s own Nick Hausman this past weekend. During the discussion, Mick opened up about how he feels ...

Four Loko hard seltzer: Company to release ‘hardest seltzer in the universe,’ 3 times the amount of alcohol as White Claw (Report)
Four Loko appears to be entering the hard seltzer realm with a new beverage that clocks in at nearly three times the amount of alcohol as leading brand White Claw. The company teased a picture of the ...

Everything You Need to Know About White Claw and ‘the Summer of Hard Seltzer’
It’s August, and that means we can officially call it: The summer of 2019 is the summer of people writing about how it’s the summer of hard seltzer. The malt beverage has been the subject of a flurry ...

Take those paws off ‘The Claw’ and opt for Aperol this summer
Now that the heat of summer has fully set in, you might be getting tired of guzzling White Claws at all those backyard parties. Yes, it is the drink of choice these days, but (spoiler alert) it is ...