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German national gets 10-year sentence for murder committed in Syria
German jihadist Nils D. has been found guilty of torturing a man to death while serving as guard at an "Islamic State" prison.

WHO names new coronavirus variant omicron and classifies it as a 'variant of concern'
The UN health body has given the new variant a name and said it is a variant of concern. The WHO urged against hasty travel curbs while it gathers more data.

EU states agree to suspend travel from southern African nations over new coronavirus variant
The European Union has agreed to halt air travel from South Africa and several surrounding countries over a new COVID variant. Many other countries have banned travel from the region.

New COVID variant sparks international alarm — as it happened
The World Health Organization will hold talks about the new COVID-19 variant found in South Africa. Concern over the variant has prompted several countries to suspend and limit flights from the region ...

Gunman fires on bus in Kosovo, teenagers killed
At least three people have been killed in Kosovo after a gunman opened fire on a bus transporting teenagers. The motive of the attack is not yet known.

Campaigners slam EU countries for slow vaccine sharing as variant sparks panic
Vaccine equity campaigners have long warned the EU that sharing doses was essential to prevent new variants emerging. EU countries made big promises on vaccine donations, but have so far struggled to ...

Belarusia's Lukashenko says migrants have 'right' to go west
The Belarusian strongman encouraged migrants to continue their journey into the EU. "We will not try to catch you, beat you, and hold you behind barbed wire," he said.

How Japanese travel 'abroad' without leaving home
Replicas of towns from Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, the US, and other countries have become hugely popular in Japan, especially as the coronavirus pandemic continues to complicate ...

An haramta hawa babur a Kaduna
A kokarin shawo kan matsalar tsaro, gwamnatin jihar Kaduna ta sanya dokar haramta hawa babur har na tsawon watanni uku a wasu kananan hukumomi. Sai dai wannan lamarin ya sa dubban jama’a yin tattaki ...

Is science any closer to developing a vaccine for HIV?
The MRNA technology used to develop the COVID-19 vaccine has sparked hopes of a breakthrough for HIV. It's been forty years since HIV was discovered, but there is still no vaccine. That’s because the ...

Germany's new coalition promises climate revolution
A coal phase-out by 2030, more electric vehicles and rapid renewables expansion. Germany's new coalition has promised a climate bonanza but can the targets be hit?

Nuclear power in Hungary: Green, cheap and independent?
The Hungarian government is convinced that nuclear power is the path to a green future. A new Russian reactor block is to be constructed that allegely guarantees low emissions and low energy prices.