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Blade Runner had mind-bogglingly small miniatures for practical effects
The miniatures were made from white resin, with enough iconic detail to match the larger-scale versions (two other sizes were also made). "One of the things we worried about most in all the fine-scale ...

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures
Located on the University of Missouri - Kansas City campus, the museum exhibits the world’s largest collection of fine-scale miniatures and one of the nation’s largest collections of historic ...

Miniature Accelerometer Data Loggers
Description: Testo temperature, humidity and shock data logger 184 G1 is an instrument of choice for temperature, humidity and impact monitoring in the cold chain and transportation sectors. The foods ...

Machine finds tantalising hints of new physics
The Standard Model (SM) is the best theory we have to explain the fine-scale workings of the world around us. But we've known for some time that the SM is a stepping stone to a more complete ...

Lidar reveals activity anomaly of malaria vectors during pan-African eclipse
We were able to compare the fine-scale spatiotemporal activity patterns of malaria ... A total of 3124 anopheline mosquitoes were caught in miniature light traps placed beside occupied bed nets in ...