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You've Never Seen Ashlee Holmes Malleo Quite Like This Before
On Sunday, March, 29, Ashley pulled out her SFX makeup kit and transformed herself ... we’ve reached the 'playing around with my special effects kit' portion of the quarantine," she wrote.

Lili Reinhart Is Not-So-Secretly a Special Effects Makeup Artist — and a YouTube-Binging Beauty Lover
In 2014, she quickly became a special effects makeup master and for more than a hot second, her Instagram was entirely devoted to her gnarly creations deserving of a trigger warning.

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a year.” Although attempting to color your own hair at home can be risky, it’s not as bold as one of Ashlee’s other recent experiments. On March 29, she whipped out her special effects makeup kit to ...

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Makeup Artists Say These 8 Tightening Face Creams Are Injection-Level Effective
They're easy to apply and have noticeable lifting and firming effects." "This primer has been a staple in my kit since I first discovered it. It works well over moisturiser on all skin types to create ...

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