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Ohio BMV rolling out 24/7, DIY kiosks that will instantly print vehicle registrations, license plate stickers
The agency is placing nine “Ohio BMV Express” kiosks across the state, with one at the Medina BMV the only Northeast Ohio location.

Agfa to Increase Offset Printing Plate Prices
Agfa will be reviewing the need for further pricing actions on a quarterly basis”, says Frederik Dehing, VP Global Sales. As used aluminum offset plates are being recycled, the price increases will to ...

Building an 8×10″ wet plate “Lockdown Camera”
It must have been getting close to Christmas 2019 when I first started to sketch the rudimentary designs of what would become my first homemade wet plate ...

Plate manufacturers forced to act again on pricing
Agfa has announced its third plate price surcharge in ten months amid concerns that aluminium supplies for next year will be squeezed, with Kodak also understood to have notified customers of a ...

DuPont Cyrel announces new Cyrel Lightning UV-LED optimised plate family
DuPont Cyrel Solutions introduced the new Cyrel Lightning plate family at the FTA’s Fall Conference in the US. These new printing plates are optimised for UV-LED exposure system ...

Mermaids and Tritons in the Age of Reason
Humanity’s supposed aquatic ancestors became wondrous screens on which to project theories of geographical, racial, and taxonomical difference.

11 playful star print pieces that will bring the galaxy straight to your home
From star print doormats to gold-speckled ceramic mugs, these 11 homeware buys will bring the infinity and beyond straight to your doorstep. The idea of gazing upon clear night skies and twinkling ...

For Fiesta, fans learned company future is as bright as the color of its plates
Bright colors and Art Deco style is what made Fiestaware a highly sought after brand, and that was on display front and center when the company hosted customers this weekend. People have become ...

The Bottle: Plate VI. Fearful Quarrels and Brutal lithographers Francis Michelin and David William Moody
This black and white tinted print depicts one of eight scenes based on George Cruikshank's The Bottle. The series shows the progressive degeneration of a family due to the evils of drinking. This ...

Groves Police uncover 40 fictitious temporary plates in ongoing regional scam
A stop of a commercial vehicle in Groves led to the recent discovery of approximately 40 vehicles with fictitious temporary license plates. The discovery comes a week after Vidor Police Capt. Ed ...

Border pre-press operator Neville Oliver retires after 40 years printing newspapers
A chance meeting with a print production manager while on holiday in Albury was the start of a 40-year career on the press for Neville Oliver. The pre-press operator will finish up with Newsprinters ...