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Police: Man steals several bottles of perfume, strikes store employee with metal pole
The man is believed to have stolen several bottles of perfume along with a ring from a store on East Tremont Avenue.

The grown-up woman's guide to celebrity perfume
Her collection of fragrances, including Fantasy, Curious and Believe are among those celebrity perfumes that continue to be consistent best-sellers. In fact, and oddly enough, when the New York Times' ...

Perfume from my mother
Rain smells differently wherever it falls. The spring rain that melts the last of the smog covered dregs into the slowly dripping gutters and cleanses the last of the winter ...

How much could YOU earn from your old packaging? Rolex watch boxes could be worth up to £160 and empty Dior perfume bottles have a resell value of £50, research reveals has analysed listing prices on eBay of empty luxury items such as shoe boxes and carrier bags of some of the most popular designer brands in the world to find out.

Chanel Launches High Jewelry Collection Based on No.5 Perfume
Chanel has launched a 123-piece collection of high jewelry based on the theme of the house’s iconic No.5 perfume.

The smell of success: Bentley introduces Momentum Unbreakable perfume
While the British carmaker is better known for its luxury saloons and SUVs, Bentley also produces and manufactures similarly opulent fineries and accessories, like its Momentum line of perfumes. The ...

After ‘peeing in bottle’ gaffe, media reveals Amazon’s INTRUSIVE orders to drivers on ‘acceptable level’ of personal grooming
From dictating the state of their hair, nails and teeth to random drug testing, Amazon’s leaked rules for drivers show how closely the e-commerce giant – already pulled up for its labor practices – ...

What Makes Custom Perfume Boxes So Special?
Perfume is something that reflects your personality and nature, so you are naturally very selective when it comes to choosing a scent for yourself. There is no particular type of perfume for everyone.

What has Chanel No. 5 to do with Soviet 'Red Moscow' perfume?
What’s common between the most famous Western scent and the emblematic Soviet aroma? Both have roots in Russian Imperial history.

The Fragrances That Changed the Field
In 19th-century Europe, delicate florals defined olfactory perfection. Then came the rise of bold, musky ‘oriental’ scents, which revealed much about the West’s perception of Eastern culture.

Why You Should Always Keep Vodka in Your Laundry Room, According to Cleaning Experts
Patric Richardson, a self-proclaimed "laundry evangelist," recommends keeping a spray bottle filled with vodka in your laundry room to help clear up any lingering smells. "You need to have vodka in ...

Police: Man steals several bottles of perfume, strikes Bronx store employee with metal pole
The man is believed to have stolen several bottles of perfume along with a ring from a store on East Tremont Avenue.