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Warren: Bloomberg is a retrograde, sexist pig, and I'll support him if he's the nominee
Honestly, were it not for the senator's brazen flip-flop this week on accepting cash from Super Political Action Committees, her agreeing to support Bloomberg as the nominee even after characterizing ...

A Novel Mono-surface Antisymmetric 8Tx/16Rx Coil Array for Parallel Transmit Cardiac MRI in Pigs at 7T
Table 1 Simulated (italic) and measured S-Matrix in dB for the mono-surface array loaded with the pig body phantom with \({{\rm{\varepsilon }}}_{{\rm{r}}}\) = 59.3 and \(\sigma \) = 0.79 S/m. Good ...

'Bleed you out' like a pig: Feds accuse man of threatening Trump whistleblower's lawyer
Brittan J. Atkinson allegedly emailed a menacing message to attorney Mark Zaid the day after Trump ripped into the Washington lawyer at a rally in Louisiana. A Michigan man was arrested for sending an ...

State of the Union: Former Muddy Pig becomes Bloomberg's St. Paul field office?
Not to put too fine an edge on things, but it sucked when St. Paul's beloved Muddy Pig abruptly closed after 16 years in business. The gastropub with an impeccable beer selection had been an ...

Lipstick on a Pig (Premium)
For some reason. As I’ve noted many times, Microsoft has long used the phrase “lipstick on a pig” to describe the arbitrary design changes it’s made to its products so that you could tell one version ...

David Letterman Says Trump Pigs Out, Bloomberg Eats Like a Bird
Forget elephants and donkeys, David Letterman says our choice for President could come down to this ... do we want a wealthy man who eats like a pig, or one who eats like a bird?!? We got Letterman ...

'What a load of pig manure': Joyce and Fitzgibbon clash over Labor's climate target
Barnaby Joyce and Joel Fitzgibbon have clashed over Labor’s proposed net zero emissions target during an impromptu debate in the corridors of Parliament House on Monday.

Guest opinion: Don't buy pig in a poke from NorthWestern Energy
In 2008, NorthWestern Energy purchased 30 percent of the Colstrip coal-fired power plants and terribly over-charged Montana ratepayers as part of the deal — all with the blessing of the Montana ...

The Key to Supernaturally Creamy Sisig? A Little Thing Called “Pork Mayo”
Push him further and he’ll tell you that it’s Filipino headcheese: all the edible parts of a pig—roasted, simmered, and hand-chopped. “When I was living in the Philippines, I used to go hang out at ...

'He's a pig.' Deters says 20-year-old serial rape case solved using genealogy site
William Brian Blankenship, 55, was indicted Tuesday after investigators used genealogy to identify him in a 20-year-old rape case.

Sorry Nic Cage, sniffing out Oregon truffles is a lucrative job for dogs these days, not a pig
"It's like cilantro, I think, where people either like them or they don't." Actor Nicolas Cage has been filming a movie around Portland this winter, playing a truffle hunter so old-school, he uses a ...

'Bleed you out' like a pig: Feds bust man for threatening Trump whistleblower lawyer
Brittan J. Atkinson allegedly emailed a menacing message to attorney Mark Zaid the day after Trump ripped into the Washington lawyer at a rally in Louisiana.