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News for Acres

Plan for Upper Bucks quarry on 196 acres draws concerns from neighbors
A quarry proposed for Upper Bucks upset neighbors, who worry about its effects on their health, well water and home values.

Winds keep fanning pesky Millard County fire as it exceeds 70,000 acres, destroys two homes
Hundreds of firefighters were cutting and digging containment lines Thursday around the growing Canal Fire, which has blackened more than 70,000 acres and destroyed two homes in Millard County since ...

Hundreds of acres in Webster to be preserved with thought for future generations
More than 400 acres of forest and farmland near the Blackwater River in Webster will be preserved for nature, farming and perhaps for public use – although that last one won’t be for a while ...

Some mandatory evacuation orders downgraded to voluntary as Running Springs brush fire grows to 100 acres
A brush fire in the Running Springs area in the San Bernardino Mountains continues to burn and has grown to 100 acres as of Friday evening. The fire, which was first reported just ...

Brush fire burning at least 70 acres near Running Springs
A fire has burned at least 70 acres of brush near Running Springs on Friday, officials say. The "Mount R" fire is located off Old City Creek Road and Highway 330 behind the Seven Oaks Dam. It broke ...

Proposed Nellis Air Force Base expansion would take 800K acres of Nevada wildlife refuge
Conservationists oppose a plan to release some of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, home to the desert bighorn sheep, to Nellis Air Force Base.

Beyond ‘40 acres and a mule’: Commentary on reparations
Can America find a more just future without paying for past wrongs? Columnist Ken Makin explores the historical context of calls for reparations.

Wildfire updates: Canal Fire grows 6K acres; Knolls Fire 99% contained
The Canal Fire, burning north of Oak City in Millard County, grew over 6,000 acres overnight. As of Friday morning, the lightning-caused fire was estimated at 76,647 acres and was 45% contained, ...

Face masks required in all public buildings in Forest Acres beginning Monday
The City Council of Forest Acres unanimously passed a mandatory face covering ordinance which will go into effect Monday, July 6. The ordinance is wide-reaching, saying face coverings must be worn by ...

Forest Acres adopts face mask ordinance
The city is the latest to adopt an ordinance requiring face masks. Forest Acres Mayor Frank Brunson presented the ordinance that would require anyone over the age of 10 to wear a ...

Rowher Fire Burns Hundreds Of Acres Near Santa Clarita
Firefighters have contained the Rowher Fire, a brush fire that burned more than 600 acres in Agua Dulce, near Mint Canyon by the Angeles National Forest. A 4-5-acre fire began at 3 p.m. Wednesday, and ...