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Daiichi Sankyo taps CRO Syneos Health to help run ADC cancer drug work, including Enhertu
Japanese pharma company Daiichi has penned a new deal with Syneos Health to launch a “coalition” that sees the CRO work on its big-name antibody-drug conjugate targets.

Analog-digital Converters (ADC) Market Current Scenario and Trends to (2020-2027)
This report studies the global Analog-digital Converters (ADC) market status and forecast, categorizes the global Analog-digital Converters (ADC) market size (value & volume) by manufacturers, type, ...

Rapid conjugation of antibodies to toxins to select candidates for the development of anticancer Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) developed as a targeted treatment approach to deliver toxins directly to cancer cells are one of the fastest growing classes of oncology therapeutics, with eight ADCs ...

5 things Team Liquid needs to do to turn things around for the LCS 2020 Summer Split
With four consecutive LCS titles heading into the year, expectations were understandably high for Team Liquid at the start of the LCS 2020 Spring Split. However, a poor start, the mid-season illness ...

TBWA Wins 2020 ADC Awards Network of the Year for the Second Year in a Row
NEW YORK, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TBWA Worldwide was named network of the Year at the 99th Annual ADC Awards in New York, with the global collective taking home two Best of Discipline Awards, as ...

'A lot of nurses don't have a work ethic': An Atlanta drug rehab clinic is accused of firing its nursing staff during the pandemic
The clinic's director described the staff as lazy and questioned why nurses were being hailed as heroes.

WINSYSTEMS Releases Industrial PC104 Data Acquisition Module With Eight Differential ADC Channels
ADC module, a data acquisition option for PCle/104™ OneBank™ and PC/104 Express embedded computing systems. Featured on the module are eight different inputs with the following voltage ranges: 0V to ...

An MRI technique to improve the detection of tumors
A research group from the Moscow Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine has created a physical model to maintain the quality of one of the most commonly used MRI pulse sequences: diffusion-weighted ...

Trade Alert: The Independent Director Of Agree Realty Corporation (NYSE:ADC), Simon Leopold, Has Just Spent US$83k Buying 54% More Shares
Whilst it may not be a huge deal, we thought it was good to see that the Agree Realty Corporation Independent Director, Simon Leopold, recently bought US$83k worth of stock, for U ...

WINSYSTEMS Debuts Amply Featured Industrial PC104 Data Acquisition Module With Eight Differential ADC Channels and 16-Bit Resolution
Embedded computing pioneer WINSYSTEMS today introduced a versatile data acquisition option for PCle/104™ OneBank™ and PC/104 Express ...

Enstar Completes ADC Transaction With Aspen
Enstar Group Limited (NASDAQ: ESGR) announced today that one of its wholly owned subsidiaries has completed an adverse development cover reinsurance transaction with Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited.

TransMedics Reports Positive Data, And Other News: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Biopharma
TransMedics reports positive data from the PROTECT Trial. Cerecor discusses COVID-19. Sorrento plans phase 1 trial.