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News for Adidas

Adidas CEO Sees Sneakers and T-Shirts in Back-to-Office Fashion
Adidas AG’s Kasper Rorsted doesn’t yet know how much his employees will keep working from home in the years to come, but he’s pretty sure those at other companies will start resembling his ...

Adidas Hikes Outlook Despite Lockdowns, Supply Chain Issues
BERLIN (Reuters) -German sportswear company Adidas raised its 2021 sales outlook on Friday, saying it expects strong demand for new products despite ongoing lockdowns in Europe, supply chain ...

Adidas shrugs off China boycott call to raise outlook
By Emma Thomasson BERLIN (Reuters) -German sportswear company Adidas sees only a short-term impact from Chinese calls in March for a boycott of its products, raising its 2021 sales forecast on ...

European stocks head toward record high, led by Adidas and Siemens
European stocks were headed for a fresh close on Friday, as shares of Adidas and Siemens climbed on upbeat guidance, and investors shook off data showing U.S. jobs growth fell far short of hopes. The ...

Adidas reports 150% sales hike in China despite local boycott over human rights
Adidas said sales in China grew by 156% over the first three months of the year, despite a boycott by consumers in mainland China.

Adidas is trying to have it both ways on Xinjiang
Adidas is trying to win back Chinese shoppers after being caught up in the March uproar over its stances on Xinjiang.

Adidas shrugs off China worries, raises outlook
Germany this week unveiled the outfits for its Olympic athletes. Maker Adidas will be hoping the gear is another big money spinner. Because the firm is feeling increasingly bullish about 2021. Adidas ...

Adidas and Xbox to Release Sneaker Collaboration
Adidas is partnering with Xbox this year for a series of co-branded sneakers, sources familiar with the upcoming collaboration tell Complex. The first Adidas x Xbox shoe is scheduled to arrive in June ...

Skater Lucas Puig's New Adidas Sneakers Are Built for Chilling, Not Shredding
If you don’t know anything about Lucas Puig, the French skater who rides for Palace and Adidas (among other brands), the first thing to understand is that the 34-year-old has a masterful approach to ...

Adidas Q1 Profit Soars; Upgrades FY21 Sales Outlook - Quick Facts
German sportswear maker Adidas AG (ADDYY.PK, ADDDF.PK) reported Friday that its first-quarter net income attributable to shareholders surged to 558 million euros from last year's 31 million euros.

Chinese Sportswear Giants Anta And Li Ning Among Bidders Of Adidas’s Reebok Auction: Report
Adidas bought Reebok for $3.8 billion in 2006 to take on its U.S. rival Nike, but the Boston-based brand failed to deliver on expectations.