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Adidas plans to increase capacity on its campus to 50% on August 2, after operating at 25% capacity on a voluntary basis.

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Adidas Shoe Thrown at DaBaby During Performance at Rolling Loud
"Who the f*** threw that mother******* busted a** god-damn [Adidas]?" DabBaby was seen asking in a video circulated on Twitter after his performance. And Twitter users were quick to compare the moment ...

Someone Threw A ‘Busted-Ass Adidas’ Shoe At DaBaby During His Rolling Loud Set
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More than 500 styles of Adidas sneakers are on sale — including Stan Smiths, Ultraboosts and more
As one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world, it's always a good day when Adidas has a sale — especially when it's as good as their current one. Right now, shoppers can save up 50 per cent ...

Nike, Adidas output snarled as COVID-19 shuts Asian factories
Some of the world’s biggest footwear and garment companies are seeing production pinched as factories in Southeast Asia struggle to keep the lights on amid one of the world’s deadliest COVID-19 ...

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