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I want the AirPods 3: Does Apple let you trade in your old AirPods?
Will Apple accept your used AirPods? We'll explain. The much-anticipated AirPods 3 were announced at Apple's Unleashed event on Monday, and yes, you can order the new 2021 AirPods now. But if you ...

AirPods 3 make it easier to skip songs. Here's how to use the force sensor
The third-generation AirPods have the handy force sensor feature in the stem. Here's how it works. Correction: A previous version of this article mistakenly said that the new AirPods case contained a ...

AirPods 3 have a surprising hidden feature, and here’s what it’s for
The newly launched AirPods 3 feature a skin sensor that’s not available on the AirPods Pro or competing wireless earphones from Apple rivals.

Don’t wait until Black Friday — buy the new AirPods 3 NOW
If you’re tempted to hold out for Black Friday deals on the latest Apple AirPods 3, we’re not convinced this is a good plan. Why? It’s highly likely that they won’t be discounted, even as part of the ...

Ew, your AirPods are filled with earwax and gunk. How to clean them the right way
When's the last time you cleaned your AirPods or earbuds? If your ears feel yucky when you take them out or you haven't cleaned them in a while, do it now. Over time, earwax, grease and gunk can get ...

Which AirPods should you buy in 2021?
Apple now has four different models of AirPods to choose from, with prices that start at $129. But which ones are right for you? We break it down.

Compared: New AirPods versus AirPods Pro
Apple has launched a new generation of AirPods that borrow both the design and features of the AirPods Pro. But how do the third-generation AirPods compare to their Pro counterparts?

Compared: New AirPods vs second-generation AirPods
Apple has launched the latest update to the AirPods line, with the third-generation model offering Spatial Audio support alongside design refinements. Here's how the new personal audio accessories ...

AirPods Pro quietly updated with MagSafe charging support
Apple quietly upgraded the AirPods Pro, giving them MagSafe support like the AirPods 3 via the brand new MagSafe Charging Case.

AirPods 3 Feature Improved In-Ear Detection, Don't Have Conversation Boost
Apple's third-generation AirPods feature a new skin-detect sensor for improved in-ear detection, according to Apple's tech specs page ...

AirPods 2 vs. AirPods 3: Worth it to upgrade?
It's been a long two years, but Apple is finally introducing a successor to the second-generation AirPods, which have been the affordable earbud option from the company.

Which AirPods model should you buy?
With such a wide range of AirPods available at various price points, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out which one you should purchase. That’s why we’ve put together this guide comparing the ...