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Salmon nearly roasted alive in Pacific north-west heatwave captured on video
A conservation group recorded the video in a tributary of the Columbia River on a day when water temperatures breached 70F ...

Morning mail: Sydney lockdown extended, Simone Biles pulls out, salmon nearly roasted alive
City’s shutdown to continue for at least four more weeks. Plus: US gymnast prioritises mental health over Olympics ...

Buddy Guy, turning 85, is still working to keep the blues alive
How do you define the blues? Carlos Santana, John Mayer, Kingfish and Gary Clark Jr. answer the question differently in a new documentary, but all agree that one of the genre's foundations is fellow ...

Woman is lucky to be alive after hair-raising day at the beach
Karyn Sandiford and her friends were enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach in Lytham St. Annes, United Kingdom, on July 4, 2021, when dark clouds gathered. Before Sandiford and her pals heard thunder ...

Man hit by car in beer garden in Pontyclun says people were "very lucky to be alive"
A man rushed to hospital after a car crashed into a pub beer garden full of people said everyone was "lucky to be alive" after the incident. Darren George, 30, remains in hospital with leg fractures, ...

SEEN: Alive at 5's Funk Night
Were you Seen at Alive at 5’s Funk Night with Hartley’s Encore with Yim Yam on July 21, 2021, at Jennings Landing in Albany, NY? Were you Seen at Alive at 5’s Funk Night with Hartley’s Encore with Yim ...

Pontyclun crash: Man hurt outside pub 'happy to be alive'
A man who was hit by a car when it crashed into a crowd in a pub beer garden says he is "happy to be alive". Darren George, 30, remains in hospital with leg fractures and ankle breaks after Thursday's ...

Tennis-Nishikori keeps Japan's hopes alive after Osaka defeat
Kei Nishikori kept Japan's tennis medal hopes alive with a tough, three-set victory in the men's singles on Tuesday, hours after compatriot Naomi Osaka was eliminated from the women's event in one of ...

Dead to the IRS: Belleville widower fighting to prove to IRS he's alive so he can get his refund check
Bill Bittle’s check came with an unpleasant and heartbreaking surprise. “Pulled it out of the mailbox and it was, ‘Pay to the order of Bill Bittle, deceased, and Catherine C. Bittle.’ So, no bank will ...

This special mountain camp keeps its flame alive
The rustic spirit of Camp Thorpe in Vermont — the spirit that has been its special metabolism for more than 90 years — is alive and vibrant.

Canadian men's rugby 7s keeps Olympic quarter-final hopes alive with win over Japan
Sensing that their Olympic window could be closing, Canada's men's rugby sevens team defeated Japan 36-12 in a high-octane performance to keep its quarter-final hopes alive.