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News for Ambulance

Syracuse Community Health Center, AMR ambulance team up to prevent unnecessary ER visits
AMR ambulance and the Syracuse Community Health Center are joining forces to help ease overcrowding in Syracuse hospital emergency rooms. Starting Nov. 1 AMR crews will evaluate Medicare patients who ...

COVID-19: National Ambulance organises infection prevention activities
Make your intention infection prevention’ drive continues UAE’s resolve to beat COVID-19 Abu Dhabi: As part of the Infection Control Week, National Ambulance organised a series of activities at its ...

Ambulance Companies Making Changes To Deal With Staffing Shortages
Several Green Country Ambulance Companies are making changes to deal with staffing shortages.  Creek County Ambulance Service says it tries to have one paramedic on every ambulance, but when that ...

Wise River ambulance service: 'Give us a hand here'
Cindy Sorich shied away from sugar coating. The Wise River Volunteer Ambulance Service needs four emergency medical technicians and it needs them soon, she said. One path to that goal would be having ...

Huntington OKs interlocal agreement for ambulance services
The Huntington City Council Tuesday approved an interlocal agreement with Angelina County for ambulance services.

In Maine, Vaccine Mandate for EMTs Stresses Small-Town Ambulance Crews
The covid vaccination rate for first responders in the state is more than 95%. But it’s lower in more rural areas, where ambulance crews can’t function if even just a few people quit.

Funding for Glidden Ambulance included in federal bill
A federal appropriations bill in the U.S. Senate contains funding to help re-establish ambulance transporting service in parts of northern Wisconsin.

'She thanked us for being nice to her': EMT Ovadal testifies in ambulance patient sex assault trial
Emergency Medical Technician Tim Ovadal took the witness stand in his own defense Tuesday and denied sexually assaulting a Janesville woman in an ambulance in May 2019.

San Diego’s New Ambulance Service Says It’s Ready to Begin Operations on Nov. 27
The company said that despite the shortage of EMTs and paramedics amid the pandemic, it has hired more than 390 qualified professionals, and filled a number of leadership and administrative positions.

HPD: Chase in stolen ambulance reaches 100 mph on 610 Loop
The suspect led officers on a half hour chase with speeds getting up to 100 mph, police said. HOUSTON — An ambulance was stolen from Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center, leading to a long and ...

Ambulance involved in Friday morning crash at Stadium/Drake intersection in Kalamazoo
An ambulance and sedan collided Friday morning at the intersection of Drake Road and Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo Public Safety spokesperson Ryan Bridges told MLive that both vehicles were ...

Discharged hospital patient steals ambulance before 100 mph chase, Texas police say
A man discharged from the hospital stole an ambulance and led police on a 100 mph chase, officials say. Before the man took the Houston Fire Department ambulance, police say he was looking into cars ...