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News for American Girl

Heritage Sandy Springs To Present American Girl And Boy Club
SANDY SPRINGS, GA - From Heritage Sandy Springs: Heritage Sandy Springs announced that their popular American Girl® Club will be rebranded to reflect the inclusive nature of the program. "We're excited to see American Girl® Club return for its third ...

Three D.C.-area girls’ basketball stars selected to McDonald’s all-American game
Three D.C.-area girls’ basketball standouts were selected Tuesday to play in the McDonald’s all-American game in Atlanta on March 28. Forward Shakira Austin and guard Honesty Scott-Grayson of Riverdale Baptist and forward Amira Collins of Paul VI will ...

American Girl opens first store in Bahrain
Majid Al Futtaim, a leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, has announced that American Girl, a premium doll brand, has officially opened its doors in Bahrain. The new store at City Centre ...

Sorority Girl Expelled From The University Of Alabama For Racist Rant, Sparking Protests
The story of Harley Barber, the girl who got kicked out of her sorority and then expelled ... The school is about 76% white and 10% African-American. Shipman says there's a greater need for mandatory education around race on campus, and some students ...

McDonald’s All American Game girls rosters revealed
The rosters for the McDonald's All American girls game were released Tuesday. Texas leads the way with a whopping seven selections. Two sets of teammates will be in the game: Honesty Scott-Grayson and Shakira Austin from Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro, Md.

Marsha Thompson’s Novel, “Spoilers: The Rise & Fall,” With an African American Super Hero Girl, Proves to be an Interesting Fantasy Read
Orlando, FL — Today, author Marsha Thompson makes the headlines as her late release novel that features an African American, super hero girl, proves to be an interesting fantasy read, Spoilers: The Rise and Fall. Spoilers: The Rise and Fall tells a ...

Inside American Stage’s plan to offer free or reduced admission to young people
American Stage, now in its 40th season ... Afterward, Gularte said, a teenage girl walked up and threw her arms around her in thanks. "I was overwhelmed in that moment," she said. "It just crystallized for me that this is going to have an impact.

Solon's Valencia Myers selected to McDonald's All-American Girls Game
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Solon senior post Valencia Myers has been selected to play in the McDonald’s All-American girls basketball game March 28 in Atlanta. Myers will suit up for the East Team, joining Florida State commit Izabela Nicoletti and head coach ...

Three Lady Vols signees to play in McDonald's All-American game
The McDonald’s All-American girls basketball game again will have a strong Tennessee presence. Three Lady Vols signees – Jazmine Massengill, Zarielle Green and Amira Collins – were among the 24 players selected for the annual all-star game.

American Girl unveils new astronaut-inspired doll
American Girl new doll, Luciana, is an aspiring astronaut who wants to be the first person to go to Mars. The doll launched Jan. 1, 2018, and comes with STEM-inspired clothing and accessories including a space Luciana is the latest in American Girl’s ...