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This Is What Happens When You Say Some People Are Animals
Evangelical Christians make up some of the president’s most valuable supporters, so when Franklin Graham and the Southern Baptist Convention condemned the administration’s policy of taking children from parents who illegally cross the border, the ...

Fact-checking ‘Eating Animals’: What the film gets right and wrong
“Eating Animals,” the new documentary based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s 2010 book of the same name, isn’t really about eating animals. It’s about the actual animals, before you eat them. It’s a connection consumers have been encouraged not to ...

What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Animals Doing Things’
The original “Jurassic Park” airs on NBC ahead of the release of “Fallen Kingdom.” And the comedian Howie Mandel narrates “Animals Doing Things.” HOWIE MANDEL’S ANIMALS DOING THINGS 9 p.m. on Nat Geo Wild. Anyone who has ever spent an ...

Trump rips Democrats for allowing MS-13 'animals' into country
President Trump Donald John Trump Trump announces North Dakota rally for June 27 Kim Kardashian on running for office: ‘Never say never’ State Dept. warns Americans of terrorist threat at World Cup MORE attacked Democrats in Congress over immigration ...

Pawlytics founder mixes love of animals, entrepreneurship
Lizz Whitacre was so allergic to animals as a kid, her parents wouldn't let her have a pet until she was a teenager. That didn't stop the Minnesota native from becoming an animal lover, though. As soon as she was able to read, she consumed anything she ...

More than 200 animals vaccinated in memory of local officer
A local woman was honored for her volunteer work and passion to save animals in need. Pets in Peril remembers Tammy Bice, who lost her life unexpectedly last November. On Saturday, June 16 in Flint, the group held a free vaccination clinic for pets in need.

'It was like: how is this possible': 5 years after flood, zookeeper recalls frantic effort to save animals
Five years have passed since the 2013 floods devastated many parts of Calgary, but for Colleen Baird, the memories of frantically ushering hippos, giraffes and tigers to safety at the Calgary Zoo are still fresh in her mind. Baird was part of the team of ...

We're pushing animals to be more nocturnal
When the sun goes down and there are fewer humans around, it's easier to find choice bites. (Photo: Tomas Kulaja/Shutterstock) Humans exert a heavy pressure on nature, from exploitation of resources to habitat destruction. It turns out that we're having a ...

Zoo animals place bets for World Cup
(WSVN) - Zoo animals placed their bets for who they think will win the World Cup. Zella the elephant predicts that Germany will be knocked out in the early rounds. She also believes Senegal will be the final champions. Nanook the baby polar bear believes ...

Many animals are shifting from day to night to avoid people
NEW YORK — Lions and tigers and bears are increasingly becoming night owls because of us, a new study says. Scientists have long known that human activity disrupts nature. Besides becoming more vigilant and reducing time spent looking for food, many ...