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Apple earnings: Apple posted record holiday quarter sales despite supply constraints
Apple posted record revenue during the all-important holiday quarter even as it continued to grapple with supply chain shortages.

Apple's iPhone 13 led to its largest revenue and profit in history
The tech giant said its iPhone sales grew more than 9% from the previous year, marking continued demand for 5G iPhones.

iPhones rule: Apple delivers earnings blowout despite supply shortage
Apple shook off supply shortages that have curtailed production of iPhones and other popular devices to deliver its most profitable holiday season yet ...

Apple made more money than ever, even with the supply chain crunch
Apple has made a regular trend of announcing record-breaking quarterly earnings, especially in the company’s fiscal Q1, which includes the holiday shopping season. And Q1 2022 is no different: Apple ...

Apple brought in a record-breaking $123.9 billion in revenue, despite supply constraints
Apple just dropped its earnings report for the first quarter of 2022, and it's broken revenue records all across the board..

Dow futures rise 150 points as market set to wrap up a wild week, Apple shares pop
Major averages have experienced outsized intraday swings each day this week as investors continued to digest the Federal Reserve's pivot to tighter policy.

Apple AirTags are being used to stalk people
She brought the issue to the police, but in Georgia, individuals can legally place trackers on others' vehicles, so long as the device isn't used to stalk or harass them. For its part, Apple said the ...

Apple’s revenue hits another record as it navigates supply chain issues
Apple posted record revenue of $123.9bn in the holiday quarter, an 11 per cent gain from a year ago in a sign that the company navigated supply chain constraints better than analysts had expected.

Notes of interest from Apple's blockbuster holiday quarter earnings report
Apple has published its crucial holiday quarter of 2021 results, breaking all of the company's records for the quarter. Here are some notes of interest from the report, including remarks from Apple ...

Apple shatters its own holiday financial record, hitting $123.9 in revenue on the quarter
Apple's hardware and services generated $123.9 billion in revenue for the first quarter of 2022, breaking not just its own holiday quarter records, but beating Wall Street consensus as well.

Apple Plans Service That Allows Direct Payment to Phones
Apple reportedly is working on a service that will allow small businesses to take payments directly on their iPhones without any additional hardware. The news ...

Apple Posts Record Quarterly Results Despite Parts Shortages
Apple posted record quarterly results even as supply shortages hindered sales, and Chief Executive Tim Cook said those constraints are improving.