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News for Apple

Some Apple retail stores re-open in China after coronavirus closings
Last week, Apple warned that it would miss its $63 billion to $67 billion estimate for March quarter revenue due to the Coronavirus and efforts to mitigate its effect.

Apple’s China iPhone Sales Dropped in January as Virus Emerged
Apple Inc.’s China iPhone sales dropped in January as the coronavirus began to spread, according to an analysis of government data on Monday.

Apple Maps expands its Street View competitor to Boston, DC, Philadelphia
Apple Maps has been slowly expanding regional coverage for its Google Street View-like Look Around feature, and now MacRumors forum members have spotted rollouts for the feature in the US cities of ...

Over Half of Apple's Retail Stores in China Reopened Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Outbreak
Apple has now reopened 29 of its 42 retail locations in China, according to Apple's store websites in the country that were reviewed by Bloomberg. Many of Apple's stores in China have been shut down ...

World’s top Apple insider says ARM-based Macs are coming next year
Apple has something of an obsession with owning as much of the underlying technology in its products as possible. With that in mind, we’ve seen a handful of rumors over the past few years detailing ...

Warren Buffett interview highlights: 'Good' when stocks fall, likes Apple a lot, coronavirus impact
Warren Buffett joined CNBC’s Becky Quick with an exclusive three-hour interview on “ Squawk Box ” on Monday. Below are all the highlights: As the coronavirus outbreak sparks fears of a slowdown in ...

Supreme Court rejects appeal in Apple’s $1-billion dispute over FaceTime patents
The U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider an appeal by Apple Inc. as the iPhone maker seeks to avoid paying as much as $1 billion in patent damages to upstart software developer VirnetX Holding Corp.

New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple’s Stunning Decision
What’s going to be the buzzword for Apple’s next-generation iPhone? It looks like the iPhone 12 will focus on ‘speed,' and a stunning hardware leak backs this up.

Apple is working on a revolutionary new all-glass iPhone design with a wraparound display
While smartphones these days are more compelling and powerful than ever before, there's no denying that smartphone upgrades have become somewhat incremental over the past few years. While this isn't ...

Apple, TikTok decline to testify at second congressional hearing probing tech’s ties to China
Apple and TikTok each have declined a request to testify at a March congressional hearing that would have probed their relationships with China, a move that threatens to ratchet up tensions with ...

Apple dives deep into specs for the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR
It also offers advice on what upgrades to get. You probably know the basics of what the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR have to offer, but Apple is more than a little eager to help if you have any ...

Apple continues to reopen China retail stores following coronavirus closures
Apple is slowly reopening its fleet of Chinese retail stores after the new coronavirus outbreak forced closures of all outlets in the region earlier in February. Apple Jiefangbei in Chongqing remains ...