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News for Apple

Former Apple Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading
Gene Levoff was charged in 2019 with sifting trading tips from undisclosed earnings releases he oversaw.

Apple’s former securities lawyer pleads guilty for doing the insider trading he was supposed to prevent
A former Apple lawyer who was in charge of preventing insider trading has pleaded guilty to six counts of securities fraud for insider trading, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) press release ...

Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air: Rumors, and what we know
The M2 MacBook Air doesn't hit shelves until July, but rumors about a new MacBook Air with a 15-inch display, have already begun. Here's everything rumored, and what it will probably look like.

Apple’s former corporate law director pleads guilty to insider trading
Apple Inc.'s former corporate secretary and director of corporate law Gene Levoff admitted Thursday to an insider trading scheme that lasted five years.

Grads of first US Apple Developer Academy feted in Detroit
The inaugural class of the Detroit Apple Developer Academy, a free program that teaches students the fundamentals of coding, design, marketing and project management, celebrated its unique accomplishm ...

The best early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Apple deals
Amazon Prime Day 2022 is almost here. But there's no need to wait until mid-July to shop -- Amazon has deals on Apple products right now. We found the best early Prime Day deals on Apple laptops, ...

Apple TV Plus: Every New TV Show Arriving in July
Apple TV Plus is one of the newer streaming platforms vying for your attention, and there's good reason to start watching. It's stocked with big names and some hit shows, from the first season of ...

Comparing Apple's New 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter
Apple released a new charger in conjunction with its new MacBook Air. Let's look at how it stacks up to others.

Apple TV+ Making First Big Splash At San Diego Comic-Con With Six Series
Apple TV+ is heading down to San Diego Comic-Con for the first time, with a huge spotlight on its genre series including See, Severance, For All Mankind, Mythic Quest, Invasion and Foundation. Apple ...

Comcast Xfinity Stream App With Live Channels and On-Demand Shows Now Available on Apple TV
Comcast today released its long-awaited Xfinity Stream app on the Apple TV, allowing Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K owners who subscribe to Xfinity ...

Former Apple securities lawyer pleads guilty to insider trading charges
Gene Levoff, former senior director of corporate law for Apple, has pleaded guilty to six counts of security fraud — the same type of fraud he was hired to prevent.

Former Apple lawyer pleads guilty over insider trading scheme
We’ll send you a myFT Daily Digest email rounding up the latest Apple Inc news every morning. A former top Apple lawyer responsible for enforcing insider trading policies has admitted to insider ...