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Apple iPhone sales jump 50% despite chip shortage ahead of fall iPhone 13 launch
Apple said the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max performed particularly well, despite 5G's slow rollout. For years, Apple's seemed to defy the law of large numbers. Its iPhones, already found in ...

Tim Cook on Apple Deciding to Manufacture Components: 'We Ask Ourselves If We Can Do Something Better'
During today's earnings call for the third fiscal quarter of 2021 (second calendar quarter), Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked how Apple decides ...

Apple Earnings: World’s Largest Company Set To Report Best Second Quarter Ever—Here's What To Expect
On average, analysts expect the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant will report revenue of $73 billion for the second quarter, 22% higher than the nearly $60 billion it posted one year ago and its ...

Apple demolishes earnings expectations with iPhone sales surging nearly 50%
Apple reported strong fiscal third-quarter earnings on Tuesday, demolishing Wall Street expectations. Every one of Apple's major product lines grew over 12% on an annual basis.  iPhone ...

The iPhone 12’s strong momentum helps Apple to another huge quarter
Apple’s string of record-breaking earnings reports continued on Tuesday, with the company posting a strong fiscal third quarter that saw $81.43 billion in revenue. That’s a year-over-year increase of ...

Apple crushes earnings estimates despite global supply chain shortages
The iPhone maker reported $81.4 billion in revenue, 36% above the same period last year, as the world rebounded from the pandemic.

Apple posts another record-breaking quarter thanks to the iPhone
Despite the pandemic, Apple has spent most of the last two years relentlessly upgrading its product lineup, and its moves are definitely paying off.

Apple beats sales expectations on iPhone, services, China strength
Apple Inc (AAPL.O) on Tuesday reported quarterly sales and profits that beat analyst expectations as consumers bought premium versions of its 5G iPhones and signed up for the company's subscription ...

Apple's Earnings Rise to $21.7 Billion Amid Strong Demand for Devices
Apple’s June-quarter numbers are in, and they are better than expected. The Cupertino, Calif., tech giant earned $21.7 billion in profit for the three-month period that ended in June, the best fiscal ...

Tech Earnings Live Updates: Apple, Google, Microsoft and More
Apple, Google parent Alphabet, Microsoft and other report earnings Tuesday afternoon. Catch up on the financial results and analysis.

Apple iPhone sales jump 50% ahead of expected iPhone 13 fall launch
Its iPhones, already found in over a billion pockets, surged again following the company's launch of the iPhone 12, which featured a new boxy design and 5G wireless speeds. Still, with a market value ...