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News for Arizona

Arizona's largest universities consider Covid-19 vaccine mandates prior to enrollment
Arizona's three state universities are considering a Covid-19 vaccine mandate prior to student enrollment this fall at a time when many universities across the country are implementing such ...

Free-agent running back James Conner meeting with Arizona Cardinals, according to reports
After four seasons with the Steelers, running back James Conner is on the move and he's visiting the Cardinals today.

Arizona basketball coach search: Gonzaga's Tommy Lloyd 'frontrunner' to replace Sean Miller
Could Tommy Lloyd be the next coach of the Arizona Wildcats basketball team? A lot of signs point in that direction.

Arizona congressional aide found dead after being reported missing in Death Valley
An Arizona congressional aide was found dead in a remote area of Death Valley, just days after being reported missing during a camping trip with his girlfriend, officials say.

Arizona parts ways with Sean Miller amid NCAA investigation
Arizona had stuck by men’s basketball coach Sean Miller through an NCAA infractions investigation that stretched nearly four years. When the school didn’t extend his contract beyond next season, it ...

Veteran Brings Experienced Security Business to Arizona
The new location has been awarded to Colorado military veteran and entrepreneur Jason Bimber and is set to open this upcoming May that will serve central Arizona including communities like Phoenix ...

An Arizona congressional aide was discovered dead after a camping trip at Death Valley National Park in California
Authorities searched for Alexander Lofgren and his girlfriend for days. Lofgren, 32, was a caseworker for Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva.

Arizona businesses will be allowed to opt-out and ignore mask orders under law signed by GOP Gov. Doug Ducey
Businesses in Arizona can soon elect to opt out of any city, county, or state order requiring face masks in their establishments after Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill into law Friday. Under the law, ...

Arizona man charged in scheme targeting sex offenders
PHOENIX (AP) — Three people have been charged with fraud in Arizona in what prosecutors say was a harassment scheme to get payments from sex offenders in exchange for removing their names from a ...

Arizona reportedly fires Sean Miller after 12 seasons
The University of Arizona has fired men’s basketball coach Sean Miller after 12 seasons, according to multiple reports. Miller had been on shaky ground as the school awaits a ruling on an NCAA ...

Packers meet with Arizona State WR Frank Darby
The Green Bay Packers held a virtual pre-draft meeting with Arizona State receiver Frank Darby, according to Justin Melo of The Draft Network. Darby is expected to be a Day 3 pick. The Packers, with ...

Street vendors return outside of Chase Field ahead of Arizona Diamondbacks opener
Street vendors, many left without work during the pandemic, return outside of Chase Field ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks opener Friday.