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News for Arizona

The Latest: Arizona reports nearly 1,000 new virus cases
Arizona officials are reporting nearly 1,000 new coronavirus cases amid a recent surge in hospitalizations, a little over two weeks after Gov. Doug Ducey ended his stay-at-home order. The state has ...

Through pandemic and protests, Arizona governor and Phoenix mayor are not speaking
The governor of Arizona and the mayor of Phoenix have not spoken since early March. Check out this story on azcentral.com: ...

Arizona Cardinals' Patrick Peterson after death of George Floyd: 'We're not valued equally'
Arizona Pro Bowler Patrick Peterson issued a length statement on social media Monday, one week after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

First steps: Arizona high schools take different approaches in return to football
Only a few miles apart. and four conferences apart, two schools had different approaches in their return to football on campus.

Arizona Democrats Seek Police Reform, Offer 5 Suggestions
Democratic lawmakers in Arizona have asked Republic Gov. Doug Ducey to call a special session to address police reform in the state following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

NCAA Tournament bracketology: ASU basketball and Arizona in 2021 March Madness field?
It's evidently never too early to predict the March Madness field. Will the Arizona State Sun Devils and Arizona Wildcats make it in 2021?

Virus Case Count Surges as 40 New Arizona Deaths Reported
Arizona officials are reporting nearly 1,000 new coronavirus cases as a recent surge in hospitalizations continued unabated.

Rural Arizona schools brace for reopening challenges
Right now, districts across the state are working out the specifics of what "back to school" will look like and many smaller districts are facing even bigger challenges.

'The old economy is gone': Business, education leaders see post-virus rebound for Arizona
States like Arizona with modern infrastructure, a well-educated and growing labor force, technological prowess and a pro-business political outlook may be able to react better than others.

Arizona Wildcats' Chandler Murphy, Mac Bingham make Collegiate Baseball's Freshman All-American team
Arizona is the only Pac-12 program to land multiple players on Collegiate Baseball’s Freshman All-American team. Murphy, who attended Liberty High School in Peoria, posted a 2-0 record and a 2.70 ERA ...

Arizona reports record number of new COVID-19 cases
ABC15 Data Guru Garrett Archer analyzes the daily coronavirus reports coming from the Arizona Department of Health Services. There were 21,250 total cases, with 1,127 new cases reported Tuesday.

Survey: Majority of voting Arizona parents support sending kids back to school
"I think that people understand that getting kids to school is going to be a critical part of restarting the economy." ...