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News for Arkansas

Man finds 9-carat diamond, 2nd-largest ever at Arkansas state park
When our moms told us to stop playing in the dirt as kids, maybe we shouldn't have listened -- that's exactly how 33-year-old Kevin Kinard found a 9-carat diamond at an Arkansas state park. Kinard and ...

Bank manager finds 9.07-carat diamond in Arkansas state park
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A bank manager discovered a 9.07-carat diamond at a state park in southwestern Arkansas after thinking the precious gem was a piece of glass. Kevin Kinard of Maumelle found ...

What’s old is new again as No. 4 Georgia opens at Arkansas
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — A nearly month-long postponement to the start of college football in the Southeastern Conference may feel different, but it won’t look much different. Georgia, ...

Troopers: 3 killed in Thursday crash on Arkansas 8 in Arkadelphia
Three people were killed Thursday morning in a two-vehicle wreck on Arkansas 8 in Arkadelphia. Zackary Adam Handley, 19, of Amity; Chloe Dyanne Bowers, 18, of Arkadelphia and an unidentified boy were ...

Man finds massive 9-carat diamond at Arkansas park: ‘I was in complete shock!'
A 33-year-old Maumelle, Arkansas man, who’s been visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park since a second-grade field trip, has found the second-largest diamond ever discovered there. According to a ...

No. 4 Georgia opens at Arkansas
Line: Georgia by 28. Series record: Georgia 10-4. WHAT’S AT STAKE? National title hopes usually aren’t on the line in the first game of the season. Nothing about 2020 college football is as usual, ...

Sam Pittman says Arkansas has confidence going into Georgia game
Pittman says the Hogs are confident that they are ready to go against the Bulldogs this Saturday and comments on pregame rituals.

Defensive Players to Watch vs. Arkansas
Georgia football had one of the best defenses in the nation in 2019 and will look to build on that fantastic season starting this week at Arkansas.

How to watch Arkansas State vs. Tulsa: NCAA Football live stream info, TV channel, time, game odds
Arkansas State 1-1. What to Know. The Arkansas State Red Wolves have had a week off and are no doubt ready to ge ...

Georgia football linemen expressed admiration, respect for Arkansas coach Sam Pittman
Former offensive line coach Sam Pittman left Georgia football after the 2019 season to become head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Bank manager finds 9.07-carat diamond in Arkansas state park: ‘It kind of looked interesting and shiny’
A bank manager discovered a 9.07-carat diamond at a state park in southwestern Arkansas after thinking the precious gem was a piece of glass.

What’s old is new again as No. 4 Georgia opens at Arkansas | Charlotte Observer
The Bulldogs are No. 4 in the nation. The Razorbacks are not anywhere near that, having not beaten a fellow SEC member since October 2017 (Ole Miss). Georgia has hopes of a championship. Arkansas has ...