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They might be the fiercest of rivals on the field, but off it the two nations can be the snuggest of bedfellows when it suits them ...

Gold Giant Australia Is Firing Back Up a Record Exploration Boom
Gold miners in Australia -- set to leapfrog China next year to become the top producer -- are resuming a pandemic-disrupted exploration spree as prices surge amid a dearth of major discoveries.

Lundin Gold: Digging Into The Q1 Results
Lundin Gold released its Q1 results earlier this month and achieved commercial production two months ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation ha ...

Nubian Signs Binding Letter of Intent to Acquire Advanced Gold Project in Victoria, Australia
The vendor, B.S.B. Mining Pty Ltd. ("BSB Mining"), an arm's length party to Nubian, is currently finalizing the purchase of a second Exploration Licence that has six historic gold mines. Located about ...

Australia's Newcrest secures water supplies for Cadia gold, copper mine
Newcrest Mining Ltd NCM.AX on Wednesday said it had achieved sufficient water levels at its Cadia gold and copper mine, easing production-related concerns at the New South Wales-based project for at ...

Bloomberg Daybreak Weekend: Unemployment Politics Gold (Audio)
Bloomberg Daybreak with Bob Moon. A look at the coming week’s unemployment numbers, gold, Australia’s economic numbers, the Brexit fight and the battle between President Trump and former vice ...

Rugby and Calidus Sign Option Agreement to Fast Track Exploration at Otways Gold-Copper Project, Pilbara in Western Australia
Rugby Mining Limited (“Rugby” or the “Company”) (RUG.V) is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a Heads of Agreement (“Agreement”) with Calidus Resources Limited (“Calidus”) (ASX:CAI) to ...

Australia captain Caitlin Bassett relieved to emerge from ‘uncertain holding pattern’ as Super Netball edges closer to starting
Veteran shooter Bassett said players at all eight clubs will be relieved to emerge from an uncertain “holding pattern” and the financial impact of 70 per cent pay cuts brought on by COVID-19.

Weekly Gold Price Forecast: Bullish Breakout Potential Persists
Gold prices have been stunted in recent days as risk assets rallied around hope that economies around the world would soon re-open.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s Super Pit rises up list of Australia’s top gold producers
The first full quarter under new joint-venture partners Saracen Mineral Holdings and Northern Star Resources led to the Super Pit increasing output to 117,127oz ...

Some feel-good moments as rugby league returns in Australia
A charter flight pilot received a big round of applause when his plane beat incoming fog to touch down after midnight following another game. There were as many feel-good stories off the field as ther ...

Daily Gold News: Monday, June 1 – Gold and Silver Higher Again
Gold is 0.3% higher today, as it is trading within its Friday’s daily range. Financial markets remain in risk-on mode, as stocks continue to hover along their medium-term highs.