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News for Backpack

A Hovering Backpack Doesn’t Have to Be Useful to Be Awesome
While CES is regarded as the biggest event of the year for launching crazy gadgets, SXSW sees its fair share of new products, too. Ahead of the numerous thought-leader panels and brand activations, companies use media spectacle to debut their futuristic ...

Cat enjoys motorcycle ride in astronaut capsule backpack
This man ordered a 'Bubble Backpack' and tested it out by taking his Siamese cat named Oreo on a motorcycle ride. It's safe and allows Oreo to look to the front and sides. So cool!

Does your Backpack Generate Free Energy?
Run this comparison for me. Imagine having to pay for electricity every month, all your life. Electricity to power your phone, laptop, tablet, watch, etc. Or imagine the flipside. Owning a solar panel and a battery, and not having to pay for electricity ...

This hover backpack lets you defy gravity
A Japanese start-up is making a hover backpack to augment one's jumping ability. It's being developed by students at the University of Tokyo. The backpack has a series of rotors that provide enough downward thrust to help the wearer jump higher and longer ...

Food drive benefits Anchor Bay Schools Feed The Bay Backpack Program
The week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day was a lucky one for Anchor Bay students in need, as a food drive took place at the district’s elementary schools to benefit the Feed The Bay Backpack Program. “This is the first time we’ve tried to do ...

Henty Enduro Backpack - Review
Henty is a no-nonsense company from Tasmania that makes a range of durable, travel-based soft-goods. Their Enduro Backpack is a hybrid that mates the comfort of a hip pack with the stabilizing effects of a conventional-style hydration pack's shoulder straps.

Solar backpack industry holds immense potential for future growth published by leading research firm
Orbis Research released a new research report of 102 pages on title ‘2018 Market Research Report on Global Solar Backpack Industry, Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications’ with detailed analysis, forecast and strategies. As Global ...

Travel Backpack Laptop Backpack Lightweight School College Bag Fits 17-inch Notebook
Up to 18% OFF on SHOES products from CIOR sold by HTC Group Targus 15.6 Drifter Trek TSA Backpack - TSB927US Save 15% on HP 131 Compatible Toner Cartridge Save on Etekcity Wall Mount Surge Protector with 6 Outlets 4 USB Ports Find the best providers, plans ...

The handgun in the kindergarten kid’s backpack? It didn’t get there by mistake
The loaded handgun a Florida kindergarten teacher found in a student’s backpack Thursday didn’t get there by accident, as was first thought, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigation found. The firearm got brought to West Palm Beach’s ...

Help hungry kids by supporting Food Bank backpack program
Backpacks are everywhere. They've been mainstream for a long time. They hold what we need to carry. They stretch to accommodate our laptops, our overdue library books, our phones and keys and letters to be mailed. They're not just for students or hippie ...